Zahara’s Sorority Surprise and Pax’s Instagram Outburst: Inside the Pitt-Jolie Estrangement

Zahara’s Sorority Surprise and Pax’s Instagram Outburst: Inside the Pitt-Jolie Estrangement

Devastation and Blame: Brad Pitt’s Struggle with Estranged Adopted Children

Estrangement Unveiled: Angelina Jolie Accused of ‘Textbook Parental Alienation’

Friends of Brad Pitt reveal his deep sorrow over the estrangement from three adopted children, Maddox, 22, Pax, 19, and Zahara, 18, pointing fingers at ex-wife Angelina Jolie for alleged ‘textbook parental alienation.’

While his biological kids abide by a custody agreement, the adopted trio reportedly no longer considers him their father.

Zahara’s Unusual Move: Sorority Event Raises Eyebrows

Over the weekend, Zahara attended a sorority induction, opting to use ‘Zahara Jolie’ rather than ‘Zahara Jolie-Pitt.’

Sources claim Maddox and Pax distanced themselves from the Pitt name years ago, with Maddox reportedly not speaking to Brad since the 2016 plane incident that ended the Jolie-Pitt marriage.

Instagram Fallout: Pax’s Explosive Post Resurfaces

A bombshell Instagram post from Pax resurfaces, branding Pitt a ‘f***ing awful human being’ and accusing him of causing irreparable damage to the family.

Friends acknowledge the post but insist it was made over three years ago, shedding light on the alleged poisoning of the children’s minds.

The resurfaced Instagram post adds fuel to the already fiery public narrative surrounding Brad and Angelina’s tumultuous relationship.

Despite the damaging accusations, sources close to Pitt emphasize his commitment to respecting the kids’ voices, refraining from public negativity.

Parental Alienation Claims: Brad’s Friends Speak Out

Amid the ongoing saga, friends of the former couple suggest the Instagram post is a classic case of parental alienation orchestrated by Jolie.

Pitt’s team believes she has played such games for years but opts not to engage in a public battle.

The continuous poisoning of the children’s perceptions reportedly takes a toll on Brad.

The term “parental alienation” surfaces, pointing to a contentious battle that extends beyond the legal realm.

Brad’s friends express frustration, highlighting the emotional toll on Pitt as he navigates a complex web of accusations and strained family dynamics.

He Said, She Said: Dueling Perspectives on Family Dynamics

A source from Jolie’s side shifts blame to Pitt, claiming he hinders family healing.

Custody matters now only involve the three youngest, subject to a joint agreement favoring Jolie.

Pitt’s close relationship with Shiloh, 17, offers a glimpse of potential reconciliation, with Shiloh attempting to mediate between Pitt and older siblings.

Children’s Ventures: Zahara and Pax’s Involvement in Jolie’s Projects

Surprising moves from Zahara and Pax include their participation in Angelina Jolie’s fashion venture, Atelier Jolie.

Zahara, close to her mother, advises on the clothing range, while Pax contributes to the project by designing its logo.

Both siblings also collaborate on Jolie’s film “Without Blood” as assistant directors.

Despite the family drama, the involvement of Zahara and Pax in Jolie’s professional projects suggests a level of collaboration and shared interests.

Family dynamics may be strained, but professional collaborations endure.

Custody Challenges: Brad’s Patience Tested

As custody battles persist, Pitt’s legal team remains patient, focusing on the core issue amidst media scrutiny.

Pitt, reportedly doing well personally and professionally, faces ongoing challenges, balancing a successful career with the emotional complexities of family strife.

The focus shifts to the legal battle, emphasizing Pitt’s resilience amid persistent challenges.

His commitment to the children remains unwavering, despite the public spectacle surrounding the family’s private struggles.

From Romance to Strife: Brad and Angelina’s Complex Journey

Reflecting on the early days, the article revisits the origins of Brad and Angelina’s relationship, marked by the introduction of Pitt to Jolie’s son Maddox on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

The narrative explores the intricacies of their unconventional family dynamics and the challenges they faced, both personally and in the public eye.

The retrospective glance highlights the evolution of a relationship that began amidst the complexities of Hollywood, ultimately leading to a highly publicized and tumultuous breakup.

The portrayal captures the nuanced layers of a celebrity romance turned family saga.