Ex-Playmate charges playboy founder Hugh Hefner for grooming her to buy cocaine at age 19

Ex-Playmate charges playboy founder Hugh Hefner for grooming her to buy cocaine at age 19

Sondra stated that buying cocaine for the late magazine publisher had become so routine that she thought he was sending her out to get some milk.
‘She claimed she was constantly afraid of being caught and that she believed Hugh would have let her take the money.
If she was caught, she would be held responsible.
. ‘
I don’t know how many times I picked up medications for Hef. I’m not sure how many. ‘At least a hundred times,’ Sondra remarked on the show. ‘I’ve never informed anyone about any of this.’
For a variety of reasons, I was embarrassed of myself. But I was Hef’s drug mule.’ To him, it was insignificant. It was the equivalent of sending me out to get a gallon of milk.
But if I’m caught, it’ll be the end of my life.”
“Oh, it’s my fault,” do you think he would have said? ‘No, it would have been me, my issue,’ she added.

Hugh died on September 27, 2017, at the age of 91, at the Playboy Mansion. Sepsis caused by an E. coli infection was the cause of death.’
Hef would be in prison if he were still alive. I don’t think he’s in a good situation wherever he is,’ Sondra said. ‘I’m sure he’s aware that I’ve told the truth, and he’s not pleased.’
‘They met when she was 19 and he was 50, and she claims he slept with other women throughout their five-year relationship.’
‘Do you think they can just stay in my house and not sleep with me?’ Sondra alleged he would have ladies over for dinner and then have sex with them, telling her, ‘Do you think they can simply stay in my house and not sleep with me?’
‘Would you have dinner guests and expect that of them? No.
It was just so cold and callous and not the man that I’ve fallen in love with.
I didn’t know who this man was.’

Sondra claimed that despite her numerous attempts to leave him, he would’reel’ her back in with his ‘charm.’ He continued painting me a picture of a fairy tale and making me doubt what I’d seen.
He had a nasty habit of warping my world,’ she claimed.
She also referred to him as a ‘vampire’ who’suckered the life out of young women for decades.’ ‘You couldn’t make him happy. ‘He wanted more, more, more,’ she remembered.
‘At least five evenings a week, there was group sex.’
They had a procedure in place. You didn’t veer away from him directing since you could tell it angered him.
‘It just got ugly, I felt like I was a ringmaster, I had to put on the same show on every night.’It was the same script: “Welcome to the family, we’re embracing you.”
‘Everything was a lie.’ I saw girl after girl arrive, fresh-faced and lovely, and their natural beauty washed away.
To him, we were insignificant.
He had the appearance of a vampire.
For decades, he sucked the life out of these girls.’
Hugh allegedly possessed a stash of Quaaludes, a potent sedative used to drug women, according to Lisa.
She stated that the drug was known as ‘leg spreaders’ at the residence and that it was considered as a ‘necessary evil’ because it forced women to do whatever.

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