EU Report on 2023 Elections Sparks Debate: Rufai Oseni Questions Critics’ Understanding

EU Report on 2023 Elections Sparks Debate: Rufai Oseni Questions Critics’ Understanding

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. Nigerian TV host Rufai Oseni has responded to the European Union (EU) final report on the conduct of the 2023 general elections.


The report, presented to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), emphasized the exposure of enduring systemic weaknesses in the electoral process, indicating a need for further legal and operational reforms to enhance transparency, inclusiveness, and accountability.

The EU also identified six areas for improvement in Nigeria’s electoral process.

Federal Government Dismisses EU Report

The Federal Government dismissed the EU report, asserting that it was heavily biased.


They urged the EU and other foreign interests to maintain objectivity in their assessments of Nigeria’s internal affairs.

Oseni Challenges Critics of the Report

Rufai Oseni, in a series of tweets, expressed his opinion that those challenging the EU Commission’s report had not thoroughly read and understood it.

He insisted that their only argument seemed to be that the report was analyzed by only eleven people.

Lack of Logic and Need for Understanding

Oseni observed that many critics commented on the report without studying its 94-page document, leading to a lack of logical arguments.

He found amusement in the situation and encouraged people to ask the critics what aspects of the report they deemed untrue.


He emphasized the importance of engaging in informed discussions based on a thorough understanding of the report.

Arbitrary Fines and Ignorance

Oseni pointed out that the EU report addressed the issue of arbitrary fines imposed by broadcast regulators, which had been witnessed by all.

He criticized critics for focusing on the number of analysts involved in the report’s analysis without delving into the methodology section.

He highlighted the problem of ignorance among those who dismissed the report without fully comprehending its contents.

Challenging the Critics and Seeking Clarity

Oseni challenged the critics to provide specific points of contention with the report, inviting a constructive dialogue.


He underscored the importance of addressing the issues raised in the report rather than dismissing it based on incomplete information or preconceived notions.

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