Rufai Oseni Criticizes President Tinubu’s Impulsive Announcement on Fuel Subsidy Removal

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. Popular Nigerian TV host, Rufai Oseni, has shared his reaction to President Bola Tinubu’s recent statement claiming that he announced the removal of fuel subsidy out of courage.


Oseni expresses his shock at Tinubu’s impromptu decision and highlights the dangers of taking such actions without proper planning.

Tinubu’s Declaration of Subsidy Removal:

During a conversation with Nigerians residing in Paris, France, on Friday, President Bola Tinubu clarified that his inauguration address on May 29, 2023, did not mention the removal of petroleum subsidy.

However, he stated that despite its absence from his speech, he summoned the courage to announce the subsidy’s removal.


The Impromptu Decision:

Tinubu explained that after winning the election, he contemplated the significance of his victory and how it could bring about positive change in Nigeria.

While discussing with individuals like Wale Edun, he realized that his prepared speech lacked any mention of the subsidy removal.

Nevertheless, when he stood before the podium, he felt a surge of courage and declared the subsidy’s abolishment.

Rufai Oseni’s Reaction:

In response to Tinubu’s statement, Rufai Oseni took to Twitter to express his astonishment at the impromptu announcement of the subsidy removal.

He argued that courage without proper planning can be perilous, especially in matters as significant as removing a subsidy.


The Absence of a Plan:

Oseni emphasizes his concern by stating that it is shocking to witness the removal of the subsidy without any accompanying plan.

He questions the decision-making process and wonders about the level of hardship this sudden action might impose on the people.


Rufai Oseni raises important concerns regarding President Bola Tinubu’s spontaneous declaration of fuel subsidy removal.

Oseni underscores the potential dangers of making decisions without proper planning, particularly when they have a significant impact on the populace.

The absence of a clear plan in this scenario prompts Oseni to question the potential hardships that may arise as a consequence.


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