Speaker of the House, Tajudeen Abbas, Expresses Deep Concern Over Insecurity in Plateau State, Plans Meeting with President Tinubu

Speaker of the House, Tajudeen Abbas, Expresses Deep Concern Over Insecurity in Plateau State, Plans Meeting with President Tinubu

Concerns Mount as Speaker Tajudeen Abbas Vows to Address Plateau State Insecurity

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, has voiced his profound worry regarding the escalating insecurity and rampant killings in Plateau State, signaling a proactive response to the disturbing events unfolding in the region.

Dialogue on the Horizon: Speaker Abbas to Meet President Tinubu

In an official statement released by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Musa Abdullahi Krishi, Speaker Abbas expressed his deep concern over the ongoing attacks on communities in Mangu Local Council, categorically stating, “Enough is Enough of the Plateau killings.”

In a bid to address this critical situation, Abbas is set to hold a meeting with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, seeking solutions and interventions to curtail the disturbing trend.

House of Representatives to Take a Stand: Strong Position Anticipated

Speaker Abbas, having confirmed his intention to engage President Tinubu on the Plateau crisis, highlighted that the House of Representatives will adopt a resolute position on the matter.

As the legislative chamber reconvenes next Tuesday after the Christmas and New Year breaks, the House is expected to deliberate on concrete steps and measures to address the security challenges facing Plateau State.

Security Summit in the Works: Long-Term Solutions Sought

Beyond immediate actions, Speaker Abbas revealed that the House of Representatives is considering plans to organize a comprehensive security summit.

The summit aims to devise long-term solutions to the prevailing security challenges not only in Plateau State but also in other regions of the country grappling with similar issues.

This strategic move underscores the House’s commitment to fostering lasting peace and stability.

Condolences and Calls for Unity: Speaker Abbas Denounces Killings

Expressing his condemnation of the killings on the Plateau, Speaker Abbas emphasized the pivotal role of peace in fostering progress.

He underscored the necessity for harmonious coexistence among the people, urging unity as a prerequisite for meaningful advancement.

National Unity Advocacy: Nigerians Urged to Stand Together

Expanding on his vision for national unity, Speaker Abbas encouraged Nigerians to look out for one another, transcending geographical boundaries.

He emphasized the need for solidarity among citizens, emphasizing the shared responsibility of ensuring the well-being and safety of all.

Decisive Action Needed: Security Agencies Urged to Intervene

In a call for immediate action, Speaker Abbas urged various security agencies to take decisive steps to address the escalating situation in Plateau State.

His plea for intervention reflects the urgency of the matter, emphasizing the critical role security forces play in restoring peace and security to the affected communities.