Wrong Door, Terrifying Consequences: Seattle Woman Sues City and Police

In a shocking incident from November 2020, Elizabeth Rehn is taking legal action against the city of Seattle and five police officers who mistakenly raided her apartment.

Alice Wright details the terrifying experience Rehn endured when armed officers stormed into her home, mistaking her residence for another.

The Terrifying Raid:

On November 22, 2020, Rehn faced a harrowing ordeal as police officers forcefully entered her home, guns raised, and caught her off guard as she was about to bathe.

Bodycam footage captures the aggression, with an officer aggressively kicking down the door and demanding Rehn to show her hands.

Wrong Apartment, Wrong Building:

Rehn’s lawsuit alleges that not only did the police enter the wrong apartment, but they were also in the wrong building.

Responding to reports of a person in crisis on a fourth-floor, the officers mistakenly targeted Rehn’s residence, leading to a traumatic encounter.

Legal Action and Civil Rights Violation:

Rehn is seeking unspecified damages in her lawsuit, asserting that her civil rights were violated, and the police were negligent in their actions.

The suit, filed in federal court, emphasizes the severity of the incident, leaving a lasting impact on Rehn.

Attorney’s Perspective:

Jay Krulewitch, Rehn’s attorney, expressed the profound impact on his client, describing her as terrified and fearing for her life during the raid.

He underscores the gravity of the situation, highlighting Rehn’s close call with potential tragedy.

Police Response and Pending Litigation:

Despite the lawsuit, Seattle Police declined to comment on the pending litigation, leaving the legal proceedings to unfold as Rehn seeks justice for the wrongful invasion of her home.


The incident serves as a stark reminder of the consequences when law enforcement errors lead to innocent citizens facing unnecessary trauma.

Elizabeth Rehn’s legal pursuit aims to hold the city and the involved officers accountable for the violation of her civil rights and the lasting emotional distress inflicted upon her.

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