Seattle City Council Member Faces Backlash After Rejecting Police Resources Following Daycare Shooting


Seattle Council Member Kshama Sawant’s Controversial Stance on Police Resources After Daycare Shooting

The aftermath of a recent shooting incident near a daycare facility in Seattle has ignited a heated debate regarding the city’s approach to police resources.

Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has adamantly opposed increasing police presence in the Central District neighborhood, even after a shocking incident where 24 children had to seek shelter.

Daycare Shooting Triggers Outcry:

Incident at A-4 Apple Learning Center

On Monday, a disturbing incident unfolded outside the A-4 Apple Learning Center, with a 47-year-old man being shot on the street.

The bullet even pierced through a window of the daycare center, compelling co-owner Appollonia Washington to instruct staff and children to “army crawl” to the bathroom for safety.

Daycare’s Accusations:

Critique of City Council and Lack of Support

In response to the harrowing incident, the daycare center issued a scathing statement, blaming the City Council and its members for permitting violence to prevail in the area.

They expressed their distress over the shattered windows and the sense of insecurity that now prevails among the children and parents they serve.

Sawant’s Defiant Stance:

Opposition to Police Resources

Kshama Sawant, representing the affected area on the City Council, staunchly opposes increasing police resources.

She argues that expanding the police department’s budget is not a viable solution, citing past strategies that did not yield the desired results.

Budget and Police Reform:

Context on Police Funding

Contrary to Sawant’s claims, budget data reveals a reduction in police funding. The budget dropped from $402.3 million in 2020 to $361.7 million in 2021 and then to $355.5 million in 2022.

These reductions followed protests against police brutality in the city, with the City Council initially considering significant budget cuts for the police but later rejecting the idea.

Mayoral Response:

Mayor Harrell’s Perspective

Mayor Bruce Harrell’s office responded to the shooting by emphasizing the importance of community safety and gun violence reduction.

Mayor Harrell has prioritized efforts to improve police recruitment and retention, aiming to create a more diverse and representative force.

Grim Crime Statistics:

Rising Homicides in Seattle

The Seattle Police Department has been grappling with a surge in homicides, investigating 57 cases so far in the year, with the potential to surpass the 1994 record of 69.

The city has witnessed a worrying trend of increasing murders in recent years, straining the capacity of the police force.