Oklahoma Senator Proposes Controversial Law Criminalizing Pornography Viewing and Sexting Outside of Marriage

Oklahoma Senator Proposes Controversial Law Criminalizing Pornography Viewing and Sexting Outside of Marriage

Oklahoma Senator Advocates for Legislation Criminalizing Pornography and Restricting Sexting

In a bold move, Oklahoma state Senator Dusty Deevers (R-Elgin) is set to introduce a comprehensive bill next month that would not only make watching pornography a felony but also ban sexting among individuals who are not married.

The proposed legislation, though expected to face legal scrutiny, aims to regulate sexual content consumption and production that is deemed lacking in “serious literary, artistic, educational, political, or scientific purposes or value.”

Stringent Definitions and Off-Limit Content

The bill goes on to define “obscene material” broadly, encompassing any depiction or description of “acts of sexual intercourse,” whether normal or perverted, actual, or simulated.

It explicitly includes a prohibition on content illustrating sodomy, masturbation, sadomasochistic abuse, acts of excretion in a sexual context, and even extends to ban pictures of human genitals, women’s breasts, and “lewd exhibition” of the buttocks.

Penalties for Violations

If passed, the proposed law would carry substantial penalties, with prison sentences of up to a year and fines reaching $2,000 for those found guilty of violating its provisions.

Additionally, individuals producing or promoting such content could face lawsuits from any state resident, with damages set at $10,000.

Exemptions for Married Couples

In an interesting twist, the legislation provides exemptions for married couples, permitting them to share explicit content created together without facing legal consequences.

This carve-out acknowledges the consensual nature of such exchanges within the confines of marriage.

Impact on Online Platforms

The suggested law also takes aim at online platforms hosting explicit content, suggesting that sites failing to heavily censor such material, like “X,” should be made unavailable in the state.

This poses potential challenges for social media platforms and adult entertainment websites operating within Oklahoma.

First Amendment Concerns Addressed

Senator Deevers, a Baptist pastor representing a rural district, is aware that aspects of the proposed legislation may raise First Amendment concerns.

To address this, he included a provision declaring that “constitutionally valid applications of this section shall be severed from any application that a court finds to be invalid.”

This provision is likely to be a focal point in legal discussions surrounding the bill.

In unveiling this controversial legislation, Senator Deevers sparks a conversation on the intersection of personal freedom, morality, and constitutional rights, setting the stage for a contentious legal battle ahead.

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