Effects of The Digital Era on Longevity and Way of Life

Effects of The Digital Era on Longevity and Way of Life

What Are The Effects of The Digital Era on Longevity and Way of Life?

The world’s population is growing older. In many countries, life expectancy has grown to 70 years or more. For the first time in history, people aged 60 and above will outnumber children under the age of five in 2020. You can also cross verify this fact by using the best age calculator online by calculator-online.net which let you know how old am I. These enormous successes have been aided by improved public health, better nutrition, better treatment, and, most recently, the use of technical advancements, big data, and artificial intelligence to extend healthy life expectancy and fulfil the demands of an ageing population.


We must build technologies that are inclusive and useful to everyone in order to realise the benefits of technology on ageing and lifespan. An online age in months calculator is one such tool no doubt.  “Ageing in the digital age brings with it its own set of issues. Many older persons lack digital literacy and are less at ease with new technologies than their younger counterparts.” Dubravka Suica, Vice President of the European Commission for Democracy and Demography, adds


In this post, you will come to know how technology helps in increasing your age.


Let’s have a look!

The Opportunity To Prolong Life:

Thanks to digital innovations, elderly people can improve their quality of life by ageing in place while being connected to their loved ones. Moreover, they can also use the free age calculator to regularly check their age. It can also help create a more inclusive work and home environment for elders, making it easier for them to live healthy and productive lives. In the long run, advances in technology, enhanced analytics, and a better understanding of human behaviour and the biology of ageing will move the focus from disease treatment to disease prevention and health promotion.

Online and Offline Health Care:

Humanising technology to make it easier to age in happiness and great health will be the greatest step forward for health and longevity. Also, subjecting yourself to the online age calculator will also be a positive step on its own because you will keep noticing your growing age and any health problems associated with it. 


To do this, humans and machines will work together. Thanks to improved sensors, health data, and AI algorithms, healthcare practitioners will be able to create exact diagnoses, personalised therapy, and effective monitoring without the need for a hospital visit. The hospital will come to you, and assistance will be provided immediately. As a result of multichannel health care, people will have more self-awareness and control over the activities, decisions, and lifestyles that contribute to overall recovery.

Emerging Technologies Promoted Good Ageing:

Emerging technologies that promote good ageing and longevity, the most highlighted of which are the age calculator, people of all ages will be able to enjoy better, more fulfilled lives by using them. Technology has been utilised to keep individuals physically active, enable independent living by detecting falls, smart home technology, early disease detection and management, and social connection maintenance by minimising social isolation. To name a few applications, there’s isolation and maintaining worker engagement.

Opportunity To Use Human Rights:

Margaret Hicks, Director of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ Thematic Engagement, Special Procedures, and Right to Development Division (OHCHR) Assistive technology and care robots hold a lot of promise for helping older people live freely and exercise their human rights on an equal footing with others. In care settings, robots and monitoring technologies have the ability to avoid elder exploitation and abuse while also providing better insight into their health. 


Simultaneously, heavy dependence on or misuse of technology may result in dehumanising care practices or the rise of new segregation and neglect. We must ensure that technologies are conceived and deployed in a safe manner, which necessitates older people’s active participation in their development. An online age calculator is for sure one such latest tool that helps older people track their age properly. 

Equal Access To Health Care:

The most essential takeaway from the COVID-19 outbreak is the significance of comprehensive health care, which is only possible with full citizenship. Technology is neither politically agnostic nor insignificant. It frequently divides rather than unites groups. We must go out of our way to discover folks who will be harmed by technological advancements.

The most important instrument is already in your possession. In 2017, 198 million smartphones were in use in Brazil. 


The most significant impact on healthy ageing and lifetime will be app design that gives easily available and affordable health diagnostics at the primary healthcare level and able to successfully manage health status.

Use Data For The Common Good:

Digital technology should not burden those who have been most affected by COVID-19. Many elderly adults with declining cognitive function need help giving consent and to make other basic technical decisions. Even persons with no cognitive disability may be behind the times when it comes to modern technology like cell phones.


Japan’s experience in this area could be beneficial. Because Japan is a “super-ageing society,” a large amount of data about the elderly is collected by using the age calculator. This could assist to address the problem of a scarcity of reliable knowledge about how technology and the elderly interact.

Ways To Increase The Users’ Communication:

For physical and mental well-being, strong social relationships are required, and the effects of prolonged isolation are comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. The capacity to connect people is the most significant advantage that technology may offer in terms of ageing and lifespan.


Acceptance and use of technology have increased notably, with 44% of individuals aged 50 and over saying they are more comfortable with it now than they were before the pandemic. After COVID, the desire to communicate digitally isn’t going away. We must seize this opportunity to create socially connected experiences and make low-cost, worldwide internet a reality.

Last Words:

In this article, we discussed technology’s effects on life and measuring age by using the best age calculator by calculator-online.net. 


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