‘Major Overhaul of Child Maintenance Service Targets Delinquent Parents: Government Unveils Swift Enforcement Measures’

Reform Aims to Accelerate Financial Support for Children: Government and DWP Take Decisive Action

The government, in collaboration with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), is implementing substantial changes to the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to clamp down on parents who refuse to pay child support, ensuring quicker and more efficient support for children.

Government to Release Results of Consultation on Child Maintenance Service (CMS) Powers to Expedite Money Recovery

Consultation Outcome Expected Today: Potential Strengthening of CMS to Combat Repeat Offenders

Following an October consultation, the government is set to unveil the results of measures aimed at empowering the CMS with increased authority to recover funds swiftly from parents repeatedly neglecting their financial responsibilities towards their children.

Application Fee Waived for Child Maintenance Service Starting February 26, 2024, to Guarantee Universal Access

Financial Support for Children Made More Accessible: Government Scraps £20 Application Fee

In a bid to ensure that no child misses out on crucial support, the government announces the removal of the £20 application fee for the Child Maintenance Service, making all applications free starting February 26, 2024.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Mel Stride MP, Urges Swift Accountability for Parents Neglecting Financial Responsibilities

Enforcement Timeline Accelerated: System Fairness for Parents and Children a Top Priority

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Mel Stride MP, emphasizes the need for quick accountability for parents neglecting financial responsibilities, as the government accelerates enforcement from six months to six weeks, aiming for a fairer system for parents and, most importantly, for the well-being of children.

Law Change to Impact 10,000 Parents: Government’s Move to Ensure Financial Security for Children

Deliberate Non-Payers Targeted: Law Change to Create Stability for Thousands of Children

Approximately 10,000 parents annually, deliberately avoiding child maintenance payments, will be affected by the government’s law change, creating a more financially secure environment for thousands of children and their parents.

DWP Minister Viscount Younger Stresses CMS Impact: Over 900,000 Children Benefiting, 160,000 Kept Out of Poverty Annually

Positive Impact on Children’s Lives: CMS and Family-Based Arrangements Crucial in Poverty Prevention

DWP Minister Viscount Younger underscores the significant impact of the Child Maintenance Service, benefitting over 900,000 children across the UK, with both CMS and family-based arrangements playing a pivotal role in keeping approximately 160,000 children out of poverty each year.

Administrative Liability Orders Proposed: Tougher Enforcement Actions in the Pipeline for Child Maintenance Service

Government Aims to Strengthen CMS Powers: Administrative Liability Orders to Target Persistent Offenders

Proposing additional powers for the CMS, the government aims to introduce administrative liability orders, allowing for tougher enforcement actions such as bailiff intervention and disqualification from holding a driving license for individuals failing to meet child maintenance obligations.

The CMS will explore various options before resorting to these escalated measures, including direct collections from parents’ employers or different bank accounts.

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