Dutch Widower Falsely Threatened with Deportation by Home Office in UK Visa Error

Dutch Widower Falsely Threatened with Deportation by Home Office in UK Visa Error

…By Henry George for TDPel Media.

A Dutch widower residing near London with his British daughter is in a state of disbelief after receiving a letter from the Home Office stating that he had to leave the UK within two months.


The letter incorrectly claimed that his skilled migrant visa had been cancelled.

However, the widower had already switched to a family visa, allowing him to legally remain in the country.

This incident has caused significant distress and uncertainty for the widower and his daughter.


A Botched Communication:

Earlier this month, Bobby Stuijfzand, a research scientist, received a letter from the Home Office instructing him to leave the country by August due to the cancellation of his skilled migrant visa.

This information was incorrect, as Mr. Stuijfzand had already transitioned to a family visa 18 months earlier.

The widower had moved to England from Switzerland in 2021, seeking to be closer to his relatives after his English wife passed away from cancer.

He had previously lived in the UK for five years.

The Impact and Frustration:

The widower took to Twitter to express his frustration, stating that he had only two months to uproot his life, quit his job, find a new school for his daughter in the Netherlands, and cross the North Sea.


While the Home Office has acknowledged and rectified the error, Mr. Stuijfzand is still anxiously awaiting direct contact from them.

The lack of communication has left him restless and lacking peace of mind.

He believes that at the very least, the Home Office should have made the effort to contact him directly.

Confusion over Visa Status:

Mr. Stuijfzand was initially sponsored by his employer, the Behavioural Insights Team, under a skilled migrant visa, which allowed him to return to the UK in 2021 with his daughter.

However, he switched to a parent visa 18 months before the Home Office sent him the incorrect letter.


Although he continues to work for the same employer, his skilled migrant visa has expired since he no longer requires it to legally reside in the UK.

This change in visa status appears to have caused confusion within the Home Office.

The Emotional Toll:

Receiving a “threatening” letter from the Home Office stating that he had two months to leave the UK or face potential deportation, imprisonment, and prosecution has taken an emotional toll on Mr. Stuijfzand.

He described the situation as unsettling and destabilizing, robbing him of a sense of security and tranquility in his life.

The widower’s mind is overwhelmed by the situation, leaving him with mixed emotions and uncertainty.


Navigating the Correction Process:

With the guidance of an immigration lawyer, Mr. Stuijfzand promptly filed an error correction within the given two-week window.

Although he was mentally preparing himself for the possibility of saying goodbye, he was also determined to fight the erroneous decision.

However, the correction process is convoluted and financially burdensome, which may pose challenges for some individuals.

The tone of the Home Office’s letter adds to the confusion, as it implies there is no recourse for legal challenge while a solicitor insists that there are still avenues for challenging the decision.

Awaiting Confirmation and Seeking Accountability:

Despite the Home Office confirming to reporters that they issued a retraction, Mr. Stuijfzand is still awaiting direct communication from them to confirm his right to stay in the UK.


He emphasizes the need for a system that allows individuals to hold the Home Office accountable for its errors.

The current process, in his view, is inadequate and fails to instill confidence.

He initially suspected the letter to be a scam due to spelling mistakes, further highlighting the lack of clarity and professionalism.

Conclusion: The Home

Office has acknowledged the error and issued an apology to Mr. Stuijfzand and his family for the inconvenience caused.

However, the incident highlights the distress and turmoil that individuals can experience due to administrative errors.


It underscores the importance of clear communication, accountability, and an efficient correction process to alleviate unnecessary anxiety for those affected by such mistakes.

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