Doss Family Triumphs Over 18-Month Custody Battle, Reclaiming Daughter Falsely Accused of Abuse in North Carolina Hospital Drama

In a heart-wrenching tale of uncertainty and perseverance, Kaylee and Landon Doss found themselves in a harrowing situation when they brought their 6-week-old daughter, Rowan, to the emergency room.

Initially concerned about a knot in the baby’s collarbone, the couple was thrust into a nightmare when a nurse, initially comforting, took a dramatic turn in tone after examining Rowan.

The Shocking Accusation and CPS Involvement

The nurse, alarmed by the severity of Rowan’s injuries, questioned the couple about potential harm to the child.

This unexpected accusation prompted a call to Child Protective Services (CPS), leaving Kaylee and Landon in a state of shock.

The situation escalated when the couple was informed that they couldn’t leave the hospital until they spoke with CPS.

Traumatic Investigations and Unsettling Separation

Expecting genetic testing, the couple signed consent forms that, unbeknownst to them, allowed for invasive investigations, including rape kits and extensive imaging.

A child abuse pediatrician revealed multiple fractures, leading to Rowan being referred to CPS as an abused and neglected child.

The family found themselves under a “safety plan” with the heart-wrenching separation from Rowan, who was placed in foster care.

A Grueling Fight for Custody

The emotional turmoil intensified as the family navigated court-mandated counseling and parenting classes, desperately trying to regain custody of Rowan.

Complicating matters was the revelation of a genetically inherited disorder that explained Rowan’s mysterious injuries.

The family embarked on an 18-month journey, facing challenges that tested their resilience and commitment to their daughter.

Heartbreaking Moments and Limited Access

Throughout the ordeal, Kaylee and Landon faced heartbreak, missing pivotal moments in Rowan’s early development.

Despite being allowed limited access during supervised visits, the couple grappled with the pain of not being able to fully participate in their daughter’s life.

The court-imposed requirements, including parenting and sexual assault prevention classes, further added to their struggles.

Seeking Medical Answers and Uncovering the Truth

Amidst the legal battle, Kaylee tirelessly sought medical answers to explain Rowan’s condition. A breakthrough occurred when she connected with Dr. Michael Hollick, who conducted a genetics screen.

The results not only provided crucial insights into Rowan’s medical issues but also debunked the accusations of abuse. The journey towards closure involved cooperation, medical examinations, and unyielding determination.

Apology and Closure

After more than 500 days of anguish, the case was finally closed in December. The judge, acknowledging the family’s ordeal, issued an apology.

While a bittersweet moment for Kaylee, it marked the beginning of the family’s healing process. The Doss family could finally breathe, having weathered a storm that threatened to tear them apart.

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