Abuja Criminal Suspect Acknowledges President Tinubu During Police Parade, Unveiling a Shocking Twist

Surprising Revelations During FCT Police Parade

In an unexpected turn of events during a criminal parade at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command, Chinaza Philip-Okoye, a notorious suspect, made a surprising acknowledgment of President Bola Tinubu while being questioned by journalists.

The parade took place at the Force Intelligence Response Team base in Guzape, Abuja, where Philip-Okoye was presented on a stretcher after his arrest in Kaduna.

Arrest and Operation Details

Philip-Okoye, along with his gang members who remain at large, was apprehended in a coordinated operation by the FCT and Kaduna police.

The arrest occurred while the group was transporting a victim, Segun Akinyemi, from Abuja to Kano State. The circumstances surrounding the arrest and the unexpected acknowledgment of President Tinubu have drawn considerable attention.

Criminal Denial and Limited Scope

During the parade, Philip-Okoye vehemently refuted the police’s claims, asserting that he is not involved in kidnapping.

Instead, he admitted to engaging in car robbery within the federal capital territory alongside his gang.

The suspect’s denial and his revelation about the nature of their criminal activities have added complexity to the ongoing investigation.

Unusual Reference to President Tinubu

The most striking aspect of the incident is Philip-Okoye’s unexpected reference to President Tinubu. In a viral video, he greets the President and emphasizes that he is not a kidnapper.

He details their modus operandi, stating that they patrol at night, collect cars, and transport them to Kano for sale.

The suspect narrates an incident where their intention was to rob a man and take his car, but the situation took an unexpected turn.

Public and Authorities’ Interest

The incident has piqued the interest of both the public and authorities, as it provides unusual insights into the criminal activities within the FCT.

The video, now widely circulated, captures the suspect’s version of events and his unexpected mention of President Tinubu.

The ongoing investigation is likely to focus on corroborating the suspect’s statements and understanding the dynamics of the criminal operations exposed during the parade.

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