Dr. James Wan’s Double Life Exposed in Twisted Murder-for-Hire Scheme After He Tried to Assasinate His Girlfriend

In Duluth, Georgia, a shocking revelation unfolded nearly two years ago when Tonya, a mother and yoga instructor, discovered that her fiancé, Dr. James Wan, a respected medical professional, had orchestrated a plot to have her killed.

Despite their outwardly happy façade, their relationship harbored a dark side marked by heavy drinking, compulsive gambling, and abusive behavior within the confines of their home.

Unraveling the Dark Scheme:

The unsettling truth came to light in May 2022 when FBI agents visited Tonya at Wan’s bedside in the hospital, revealing that Wan had paid over $25,000 on the dark web to hire a hitman to end her life.

Wan’s admission to masterminding the murder-for-hire plot ultimately led to his recent sentencing of more than seven years in federal prison.

Background of a Troubled Romance:

Tonya and Wan’s relationship began around 2014, initially marked by friendship and long-distance dating.

Despite the positive aspects of their romance, red flags emerged as Wan’s behavior displayed an unhealthy fixation on casinos and alcohol.

The birth of their daughter in 2016 failed to reform Wan’s habits, leading to traumatic incidents, such as a dangerous crash in North Carolina in 2017.

Financial Woes and Workplace Drinking:

In the subsequent years, financial losses and revelations of Wan’s workplace drinking strained their relationship further.

Tonya, hoping to intervene, contacted Wan’s co-workers, but her efforts were dismissed.

As the situation escalated, Wan’s fears of exposure may have driven him to seek Tonya’s demise, leading to the chilling murder-for-hire plot.

Cryptocurrency Transactions Unveil the Plot:

Wan initiated the sinister plot by accessing a dark web marketplace in April 2022, attempting to hire a hitman. Cryptocurrency transactions, totaling over $25,000, were made in furtherance of the plan.

However, a tip to the FBI from a private citizen monitoring the dark web forum thwarted Wan’s deadly intentions.

FBI Foils the Plot:

While hospitalized for a separate incident, Wan was confronted by FBI agents, who devised a plan to warn Tonya about the impending danger.

In a chapel meeting, they presented evidence of Wan’s dark web messages seeking a hitman. Tonya, shocked and terrified, agreed to relocate with her daughter to an FBI safe house.

Aftermath and Future Challenges:

As Wan serves his prison sentence, Tonya grapples with ongoing safety concerns and the challenges of single motherhood.

Despite her attempts to shield their daughter from the full extent of Wan’s crime, the abrupt transition to single parenthood remains emotionally taxing.

Wan’s feeble apology and acknowledgment of the irreparable harm inflicted highlight the gravity of the betrayal that unfolded in their once seemingly happy life.

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