The horrors of a vermin-infested house are exposed by an obsessive hoarder who hasn’t allowed anybody inside his house in 18 years and who must take showers outside using a HOSE. He also acknowledges that his obsession is ruining his life and his relationship.


John, a resident of Yucca Valley, California, recently made an appearance on the show “Hoarders” on A&E. He acknowledged that his compulsion for hoarding has not only disrupted his life but also strained his relationship. The situation has left him feeling depressed. Over the past 18 years, he has denied entry to his home for anyone, including his long-term girlfriend.

During the show, it was revealed that John’s home was filled with heaps of furniture, food, clothing, and paperwork, which had led to a rat infestation. The clutter was so extensive that only narrow pathways remained to navigate through the house. His three daughters noted that his hoarding spiraled out of control after they moved out, leaving no one to maintain the cleanliness. The impact wasn’t confined to the house; his cars, finances, and health were also severely affected.

After his mother’s passing 12 years ago, John took in all her belongings, exacerbating the issue. The accumulated garbage had even forced him to shower outside with a garden hose due to his inability to access the indoor shower. The rat infestation had grown to a significant extent, with boxes of expired food from 1977 serving as a magnet for rodents.

John expressed his feelings of being overwhelmed and depressed by the clutter. The garbage accumulation had caused substantial damage, including electrical and plumbing problems, as well as structural issues like holes in the walls and roof. Contractors estimated that the necessary repairs would cost around $60,000 for his California home.

Despite being in a relationship for 15 years, John’s girlfriend, Janet, had never been inside his house due to his refusal to allow anyone entry. Even for basic needs like using the restroom, she had to go elsewhere. After seeking help from his daughters, Janet was finally granted access to John’s home during the show’s filming. She was shocked by the extent of the clutter, describing it as worse than she had anticipated.


Compulsive hoarding is characterized by the difficulty of discarding possessions due to a perceived need to keep them, as defined by Mayo Clinic. This disorder is estimated to affect up to 19 million Americans.

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