Trump Advisor’s Strategy Pays Off as ‘None of These Candidates’ Trumps Nikki Haley in Nevada’s Unusual Primary-Caucus Dual Showdown

Trump Advisor’s Strategy Pays Off as ‘None of These Candidates’ Trumps Nikki Haley in Nevada’s Unusual Primary-Caucus Dual Showdown

In an unexpected twist, Nevada’s primary election on Tuesday saw Republican voters opting for ‘none of these candidates’ at a staggering 32.9% higher rate than choosing Nikki Haley.

As former President Donald Trump prepares for the Nevada caucuses on Thursday, his senior advisor Kash Patel expressed astonishment at the overwhelming support for the unconventional choice of ‘none of the above.’

Surprising Outcome and Team’s Reaction:

The outcome took even Trump’s team by surprise, with Patel emphasizing that the ‘none of these candidates’ option outpaced Haley’s vote by a wide margin.

Speaking to in Las Vegas, Patel noted that Haley’s assumption of winning without actively campaigning in Nevada proved detrimental to her candidacy.

The unexpected dominance of ‘none of these candidates’ showcased the dissatisfaction among voters and challenged conventional political expectations.

Haley’s Oversight and Patel’s Critique:

Patel criticized Haley’s approach, suggesting that her decision to bypass campaigning in Nevada was a miscalculation. He remarked, ‘Maybe you wouldn’t have got trounced by no one if you showed up and put in the work.’

Patel viewed the voters’ choice as a significant statement, indicating that convincing 45,000 people to choose ‘none of the above’ surpassed typical write-in candidate levels.

Political Maneuvering in Nevada:

Nevada’s State legislature introduced a bill to conduct a primary election this year, deviating from the customary caucuses. The Trump-aligned Nevada GOP objected to this shift, leading to a complex scenario with dual primary and caucus contests.

Patel and other supporters initiated efforts to guide voters through the intricacies of participating in both the primary election and caucuses.

Voter Confusion and Patel’s Acknowledgment:

Patel acknowledged the challenges of educating voters on the dual processes, noting that confusion prevailed among many Nevada voters until Election Day.

Some voters, like Robert Simonelli, expressed frustration outside polling places, citing disappointment over Trump’s absence from the ballot and ultimately choosing ‘none of these candidates.’

Haley’s Changing Narratives:

Haley’s initial rationale for not participating in the caucuses centered around the purported $55,000 cost. However, her narrative shifted to claims of a ‘rigged’ election in Nevada, echoing sentiments expressed by Trump.

Despite the change in rhetoric, Haley’s absence from the caucuses has raised eyebrows, and her allegations of a rigged system are met with skepticism.

Symbolic Media Victory and Trump’s Expected Delegate Haul:

Patel speculated that Haley’s primary win strategy aimed at securing positive headlines and overshadowing Trump’s potential caucus victory.

With Trump poised to claim all 26 of Nevada’s delegates on Thursday, Haley’s decision not to caucus may prove strategically flawed, placing her at a disadvantage leading into South Carolina’s primary later this month.


As Trump prepares for the Nevada caucuses, the surprising dynamics of the primary election have set the stage for a politically charged showdown.

The unexpected prominence of ‘none of these candidates’ has injected a unique narrative into the Nevada political landscape, leaving pundits and voters alike intrigued by the unfolding drama.

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