Dolly Parton discusses the humorous justification for declining to have tea with Kate Middleton.


Dolly Parton has humorously shared the amusing reason why she declined an invitation to have afternoon tea with Kate Middleton. The 77-year-old country singer explained that she was offered the coveted invitation from Kate Middleton while she was in London for work. While expressing her affection for the city, the renowned singer mentioned that she nearly had the chance to mingle with the occupants of Buckingham Palace, but unfortunately, she couldn’t make it. During an appearance on BBC Radio 2, Dolly Parton playfully recounted her decision to decline the invitation, stating, “But she wasn’t going to promote my rock album, so I had to decline.”

Dolly Parton also expressed her regret for not being able to explore more of the city during her tour, noting that she never really had sufficient time to play tourist. Speaking with presenter Claudia Winkleman, she conveyed her admiration for the British capital, remarking, “I love the people, the vibe of London. Unfortunately, I don’t get the chance to sightsee. In the past, my band and I have toured on a bus with a planned schedule.”

In a recent interview, Dolly shared that she would rather pass away while performing on stage than retire from her nearly six-decade-long music career. Despite her extensive time in the music industry, she emphasized that she has no intention of retiring. She expressed, “I would never retire. Hopefully, one day I’ll drop dead in the midst of singing a song on stage – ideally, one I’ve written. But that’s how I hope to go.” She also mentioned her desire to continue seizing opportunities and making the most of her time.

Dolly Parton’s musical legacy includes a vast repertoire of around 3,000 songs, including iconic hits like “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You.” While she remains committed to performing, she has scaled back her touring schedule. She plans to engage in special shows, such as weekend performances and festival appearances, but has shifted away from extensive tours. Instead, she aims to explore other creative avenues, such as hosting TV shows or acting in movies.

She also revealed aspirations for projects like a TV series delving into her life story. Additionally, Dolly has announced her 49th studio album, “Rockstar,” scheduled for release in November. The album will feature a mix of nine original tracks and 21 classic rock covers, collaborating with artists like Elton John, Sting, and Pink.


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