Female Met Police Officer Accused of Sexual Assault After Night Out

Female Met Police Officer Accused of Sexual Assault After Night Out

Allegations of Sexual Assault by Female Met Police Officer

A female Metropolitan Police officer, PC Rachel Bright, has been accused of sexual assault following an incident during a night out in Wandsworth, southwest London.

The alleged assault occurred on December 5th, with PC Bright, 45, attached to the South West Command Unit, facing charges related to the incident.

Details of the Alleged Incident

According to the prosecution’s account presented in Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court, PC Bright had been drinking Prosecco during the night out and allegedly became progressively more inappropriate in her behavior toward the complainant.

She is accused of complimenting the woman on her body and subsequently putting her hand up the woman’s skirt, touching her private parts over her clothing.

PC Bright’s Denial and Jury Trial

PC Bright, a senior police officer, appeared in court wearing a blue top, black blazer, and black trousers.

During the hearing, she denied the sexual assault charges and elected to have a jury trial to address the allegations.

Prosecutor’s Account

Prosecutor Melanie Hardwick outlined the sequence of events, stating that PC Bright had been on a night out in Wandsworth at the time of the alleged incident.

She emphasized the officer’s behavior, describing it as overtly affectionate and inappropriate.

Bail and Court Proceedings

District Judge Devinder Sandhu granted PC Bright bail with specific conditions. She is required to attend a plea and trial preparation hearing at Kingston Crown Court on November 6th.

The judge cautioned her about the importance of attending court as scheduled, emphasizing that failure to do so would constitute a separate offense.

Release on Bail with Conditions

As part of her bail conditions, PC Bright is prohibited from contacting the complainant directly or indirectly.

She has been suspended from her duties since the charges were filed, and the Metropolitan Police’s Directorate of Professional Standards is aware of the case.