Disgraced Postman Caught in Disturbing Home Invasion and Sexual Misconduct

Disgraced Postman Caught in Disturbing Home Invasion and Sexual Misconduct

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. A shocking case involving a disgraced postman, Glen Holden, has emerged, revealing his involvement in a series of disturbing incidents.


Holden was caught on camera filming himself engaging in a sex act while wearing stolen underwear from a woman’s home he broke into. This article will delve into the details of the case and shed light on the subsequent legal proceedings.

The Intrusion and Incriminating Footage

Holden gained access to the victim’s home during the early hours of October 6, 2021, knowing that the occupants were away on holiday.

Police officers investigating subsequent burglaries discovered incriminating footage on Holden’s phone, which showed him walking around the victim’s house partially naked and later masturbating while wearing the stolen underwear.

Prosecution and Disturbing Details

During the court proceedings at Bournemouth Crown Court, prosecutor Holly Fagan presented the evidence. The footage depicted Holden entering the victim’s bedroom and climbing onto the bed, wearing a t-shirt with the stolen white underwear and socks.

He then proceeded to masturbate before abruptly stopping and leaving the bed. In another clip, Holden was seen touching various items on the victim’s dressing table, including makeup brushes and face cream.

The video contained disturbing “rhythmic panting noises,” indicating further sexual misconduct, as Holden seemingly rubbed semen onto the victim’s makeup brushes.


Impact on the Victim

When presented with stills from the footage, the victim confirmed that it was her bedroom and identified the white knickers as hers. Unaware of the break-in or how it occurred, she was deeply shocked upon being informed by the police.

She discovered that the same white knickers found in her drawer were “not clean” and chose to dispose of them. In her statement, she expressed her distress and the violation of trust that occurred, as Holden had been known to her as the local postman for many years.

Additional Offenses and Psychological Profile

Further investigation revealed that Holden had secretly filmed the victim while delivering her parcel and creating sexualized photo collages. It was also discovered that he had engaged in similar behavior in other dwelling burglaries.

Judge Fuller noted that Holden had a “deep-rooted psychological addiction” to such conduct and described it as a grotesque intrusion into someone’s privacy.

Holden had a 32-year tenure as a postman in the Sherborne area and had used his local knowledge to target properties occupied by women, stealing their underwear for his own gratification.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing

Holden had previously pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to cause damage. In September 2022, he was sentenced to 16 months in jail for similar offenses but was released on license in April 2023.

The case has been adjourned for sentencing on June 29, allowing further investigations into potential communal punishment or treatment options. Holden is currently released on bail while awaiting sentencing.


The case of Glen Holden, the disgraced postman involved in a home invasion and sexual misconduct, has shocked the community. His actions, captured on incriminating footage, highlight the severity of the intrusion and violation of privacy endured by the victim.


With a history of similar offenses and a deep-rooted psychological addiction, Holden’s actions demonstrate a disturbing pattern of behavior.

As the legal proceedings continue, the court will consider the appropriate sentencing, taking into account potential community punishment or treatment options.

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