Retired Postman Captures Mysterious Mouse Cleaning His Shed

Retired Postman Captures Mysterious Mouse Cleaning His Shed

The Unexpected Cleaner

Rodney Holbrook, a 75-year-old retired postman from Powys, mid-Wales, stumbled upon a mystery when items in his shed started disappearing overnight.

Determined to uncover the secret, he installed a camera focused on his workbench, hoping to identify the culprit.

Much to his surprise, the footage revealed an industrious mouse as the do-gooder, meticulously tidying up the shed by collecting an array of items like clothes pegs, screwdrivers, corks, nuts, and bolts, neatly depositing them into a nearby pot.

Scenes from a Storybook

The mouse’s dedication to tidying up resembled something straight out of a Beatrix Potter book, reminiscent of her children’s story “The Tailor of Gloucester,” where mice secretly assist a tailor with stitching and sewing while he sleeps.

This diligent mouse had no trouble handling even the most challenging items, wrestling with objects like cable ties before successfully placing them in the pot.

‘Welsh Tidy Mouse’

Amazed by the mouse’s consistent cleaning routine, Mr. Holbrook affectionately named the mouse ‘Welsh Tidy Mouse.’ He noted that the mouse’s cleaning efforts had been ongoing for months, tidying up after him so efficiently that he no longer bothers to tidy his workspace.

Initially noticing food disappearing from bird feed and ending up rearranged in stored shoes, Mr. Holbrook’s decision to set up a camera unveiled this unexpected cleaning accomplice.

A Continuous Tidying Saga

Mr. Holbrook expressed his surprise and amusement, stating, “He moved all sorts of things into the box, bits of plastic, nuts, and bolts.

I don’t bother to tidy up now, as I know he will see to it.

It’s happened practically every night now for two months.” The industrious ‘Welsh Tidy Mouse’ has become an essential part of Mr. Holbrook’s shed maintenance, tirelessly tidying up without fail.

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