Devastation Unveiled: Roof and First Floor of Windmill Harvester Destroyed

Devastation Unveiled: Roof and First Floor of Windmill Harvester Destroyed

A fire emergency unfolded on a Thursday morning around 9am, prompting a rapid deployment of fire crews to the scene.


The incident occurred at Windmill Harvester, with the blaze originating in the kitchen area of the establishment.

The prompt response from West Sussex Fire and Rescue was evident as firefighters swiftly arrived on the scene to tackle the escalating flames.

A Towering Plume of Smoke and Urgent Safety Measures

As the fire raged on, a massive plume of dense black smoke billowed into the sky, creating a distressing sight for both onlookers and residents nearby.

Urgent safety measures were implemented by the West Sussex Fire and Rescue, who urged local residents to keep their doors and windows closed to prevent the infiltration of smoke and potential hazards.


Intensified Response Efforts and Building Engulfed in Flames

An update provided by the fire brigade around 11:15am indicated the intensification of response efforts.

At this point, a substantial force had been marshaled to combat the fire’s spread.

The scene was populated by 12 fire engines, two aerial ladder platforms, and two water carriers, all working tirelessly to control the situation.

Visual evidence captured the heart-wrenching sight of the building being consumed by the raging flames.

Eyewitness Account and Destruction of the Structure

Sue Lovell, a resident residing in close proximity to Windmill Harvester, described her firsthand experience of the unfolding incident.


She noted that she witnessed the initial smoke and the arrival of fire crews, and with a sense of helplessness, observed the fire’s rapid progression beyond containment.

Devastating Impact: Roof and First Floor Destroyed

By approximately 11am, the fire’s devastation had become evident, with the entire roof of the building and a significant portion of the first floor utterly destroyed.

The scene painted a grim picture of the destructive power of the blaze.

Response and Priority for Protection

Addressing the situation, West Sussex Fire and Rescue’s area manager, Gary Ball, provided insights into the response strategy.

He recounted their early morning call to the fire and the unfortunate expansion of the flames into the roof space from the kitchen area.


Fortunately, due to the swift evacuation of the building, no injuries were reported as a direct result of the fire.

Mr. Ball emphasized the collaborative efforts of various emergency services engaged in a relentless battle to extinguish the fire and safeguard adjacent structures.

Protecting neighboring buildings, including the Windmill Entertainment Centre, took precedence, and Mr. Ball assured that the adjoining entertainment complex, which includes theaters and cinemas, was being effectively shielded from the fire’s reach.


The fire at Windmill Harvester served as a stark reminder of the rapid and devastating nature of such emergencies.

The collective response of fire crews and emergency services demonstrated their dedication to controlling the blaze and minimizing the damage to surrounding structures.


While the loss was undeniable, the commitment of those involved in the response effort remained resolute.


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