Devastation Strikes as ‘Evil’ Children Wreck £1.2 Million Property

Couple’s Nightmare: Their Home Turned into a ‘War Zone’

The Devastation Unleashed

In a shocking turn of events, a couple, Joanna and Matt Pittard, had their idyllic £1.2 million home on the Isle of Wight transformed into what can only be described as a “war zone.”

A group of children, aged between 11 and 15, went on a rampage, armed with chainsaws, hammers, and axes, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

The incident left the Pittard’s six-bedroom Grade II property in ruins, with shattered windows, overturned antique furniture, and the entire house splattered with paint.

The Extent of the Damage

The vandalism was so severe that it knocked an estimated £300,000 off the property’s market value.

Even over a year later, scaffolding still surrounds the house, and many windows remain boarded up.

Mrs. Pittard’s cherished wedding dress also fell victim to the chaos.

The perpetrators, described as “mindless” by witnesses, were eventually each fined £1,500.

Images reveal the shocking extent of the damage, leaving the Pittards in disbelief.

The Neighbor’s Account

Neighbors who witnessed the aftermath shared their perspective on the incident.

One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, described how the group of children nonchalantly walked away from the scene, even as the police were being called.

It was a frustrating experience for the neighbors who felt let down by the police response.

They were startled by the children’s brazen attitude, noting their smirking faces as they left the scene.

Dreams Shattered

The Pittards had planned to move into their island property with their two daughters, but their dreams were crushed by the disgraceful acts of this group, which included two girls.

A relative of the Pittards expressed their profound devastation at what had happened to their beautiful home.

It’s a story that highlights the emotional toll such incidents can take on homeowners.

The Legal Consequences

The seven youngsters, now aged between 13 and 16 and not named for legal reasons, admitted to criminal damage in court and were each fined £1,500.

This has raised questions about the adequacy of the legal response in relation to the substantial financial and emotional damage caused.

The Ongoing Impact

The aftermath of the incident continues to haunt the Pittards.

Repairs have cost them £35,000, but they admit that their home is still far from being fully restored.

The property’s market value was significantly reduced, making it unclear if they will ever fully recover from this traumatic experience.

A Spooky Twist

Curiously, the Pittard’s property, despite the damage, holds a place in local folklore, featuring in the “Ghosts of the Isle of Wight” book and even being a stop on ghost walks in the area.

This adds an eerie layer to the already distressing story.

Legal Response and Future

The case highlights the challenges and limitations of legal actions against juvenile offenders who cause substantial damage.

It’s a stark reminder of the potential financial and emotional repercussions of such acts and the need for adequate measures to address them effectively.

The Pittards’ journey towards restoring their home and lives is far from over, and the haunting experiences left behind by the vandals may endure.