Demand for Clarity: Father of Deceased Fan Questions Promoters After Swift’s Concert

Demand for Clarity: Father of Deceased Fan Questions Promoters After Swift’s Concert

Heartbreaking Tragedy at Taylor Swift’s Concert: Father Seeks Answers

Taylor Swift’s Brazil concert promoters are facing a heartbreaking demand from the father of Ana Clara Benevides, the 23-year-old fan who died at the singer’s concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Friday.

Father’s Plea for Clarification on Water Prohibition

Benevides’ father, Weiny Machado, 53, is urging the promoters to clarify whether concertgoers were prohibited from bringing water into the show on that fateful Friday.

He expressed the need to investigate if negligence played a role in providing assistance during the event.

The Devastating Loss and Tragic Circumstances

Ana Clara Benevides, a 23-year-old psychology student, fainted in the front row of the Estádio Nilton Santos amid triple-digit temperatures during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

Despite being resuscitated at the stadium, she suffered a second cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital and tragically passed away.

Concerns Over Resources and Allegations of Water Prohibition

Family members, including Ana’s cousin Estela Benevides and Gabriela Benevides, voiced concerns about the financial resources needed to bring Ana’s body back. Meanwhile, social media buzzed with claims that attendees were prohibited from bringing water bottles into the stadium.

Swift’s Response and Concert Cancellation

Swift halted her show multiple times, addressing fans’ pleas for water, as documented in fan clips. The extreme temperatures prompted Swift to cancel her second scheduled gig, emphasizing the safety and well-being of fans, performers, and crew.

Promoter’s Response and Reinforcement Amid Sweltering Heatwave

Promoter Time For Fun confirmed the concert’s cancellation due to extreme temperatures and enacted a ‘special action plan.’

The plan included free water distribution points, allowance for sealed glasses of water, and reinforcement of medical care resources amid the heatwave.

Ongoing Inquiries and Seeking Comments

As questions surround the circumstances leading to Ana Clara Benevides’ tragic passing, has reached out for comments from Taylor Swift’s representatives in the U.S. and Time For Fun, the concert promoter in Brazil.