Mohbad’s Father Cries for Help, Says World is Fighting Him Over His Deceased Son

Father’s Plea for Help

In a recent video, Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Mohbad, has made a heartfelt plea for assistance, expressing that he feels like the entire world is against him concerning the child that was granted to him through grace.

Accusations and Challenges

Aloba, who has been vocal about his son’s passing, has leveled accusations against certain individuals who he believes are attempting to exploit his family’s situation. He appears to be grappling with challenges that are taking a toll on him and his loved ones.

Seeking Divine Intervention

Amidst his emotional plea, Aloba reaches out to a higher power, seeking divine assistance in his ongoing struggle. He is facing circumstances that are causing immense distress and hardship.

A Cry for Understanding

The video doesn’t provide specific details regarding the nature of Aloba’s troubles, but it is evident that he is going through an incredibly tough period and is seeking understanding and support during this trying time.