Do2dtun Speaks Out: Condemns Using Children as Weapons in Relationships

Addressing Manipulative Tactics in Co-Parenting

Nigerian on-air personality, Do2dtun, recently shared his thoughts on the disturbing trend of partners using their children against their exes.

He referenced the tragic story of late veteran actor, Saint Obi, who struggled for access to his children, a battle that eventually took a toll on his life.

Children as Rights, Not Objects

Do2dtun passionately expressed his disapproval of spouses using their children as weapons in post-relationship disputes.

In a social media post, he urged society to normalize the understanding that kids have rights, emphasizing that they are not objects meant for one person to control.

Responsibilities, Not Tools

In another post, Do2dtun delivered a powerful message, stating that children are responsibilities, not tools.

He called out the practice of using kids as bargaining chips and emphasized their right to choose. According to him, children should not be pawns in their parents’ fights, and a bitter partner can ultimately harm the well-being of the children.

Advocating for Legal Resolution

The on-air personality advised individuals facing such challenges to let the court decide matters related to child custody.

He highlighted the importance of correcting mistakes by becoming better parents and stressed that extreme cases might warrant legal intervention.

Urging Self-Preservation

As part of his counsel, Do2dtun urged those facing such challenges to choose themselves for the time being. He encouraged individuals to focus on personal growth, hard work, and prayer while navigating the complexities of co-parenting.

Speaking Against the Pandemic of Manipulation

Do2dtun acknowledged that his own story had prompted others to share their experiences. He expressed concern about the alarming prevalence of using children as tools in relationship disputes, referring to it as a “pandemic” that needs attention.

Encouraging people to choose themselves in the face of adversity, he emphasized the potential destructive impact of a bitter partner on the well-being of the children involved.

Conclusion: A Call for Responsible Co-Parenting

In conclusion, Do2dtun’s messages underscore the importance of responsible co-parenting, emphasizing the need to prioritize the rights and well-being of children over personal disputes.

Drawing lessons from the tragic story of Saint Obi, he advocates for a shift in mindset, urging individuals to choose a path that ensures the best interests of the children are protected.

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