DCI Banks Actor Stephen Tompkinson Denies Punching Man in Court Hearing

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Actor Stephen Tompkinson, known for his role in DCI Banks, has appeared in court accused of causing grievous bodily harm.


The 57-year-old star was charged following an incident in which he is alleged to have punched Karl Poole, causing him to fall and suffer a double skull fracture outside Tompkinson’s home in the early hours of May 30, 2021.

Tompkinson denied punching Poole and causing his injuries.

The court was told that Tompkinson had gone outside his house at around 5.30am in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, wearing pyjamas and a dressing gown, to challenge Poole and his friend Andrew Hall, who were both “heavily intoxicated”.

Tompkinson said he called the police but went outside when the men continued to make a lot of noise and he was concerned they might break a bottle of Jagermeister that could have been dangerous for his partner’s seven-year-old son, who enjoyed playing in that part of the driveway.

Tompkinson claimed that he put his hand out to stop Poole coming towards him and made contact with his face, but it “wasn’t enough to knock a sober man off his feet”.

He also told the court that he did not tell the police at the scene about the confrontation as he was waiting for the opportunity to fully explain himself.


Tompkinson’s acting career includes the sitcom Drop the Dead Donkey and the series Ballykissangel.

He said that acting work had been “taken away” from him since being charged with causing grievous bodily harm, and that while the legal proceedings were hanging over him, “any association with me is put on hold”.

He added that it would be “career suicide” to assault someone.

Analysis and Commentaries

This case highlights the challenges that can arise when celebrities and the public come into conflict.

While the incident in question may have started out as a noise disturbance and the actor may have been acting in a way that he believed would protect his family, the use of physical force, regardless of how small or large, can have serious consequences.

The allegations against Tompkinson, if proven true, could have a significant impact on his career and reputation.

It is a reminder that everyone, regardless of their public profile, is subject to the same laws and consequences of their actions.

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