Actor Stephen Tompkinson Acquitted of Grievous Bodily Harm Charge

Actor Stephen Tompkinson Acquitted of Grievous Bodily Harm Charge

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Allegations and Trial

Actor Stephen Tompkinson, known for his role in DCI Banks, has been found not guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm on Karl Poole.


Tompkinson was accused of punching Poole, causing him to fall and suffer a skull fracture.

The incident occurred when Tompkinson discovered Poole and a friend drinking at the bottom of his driveway in the early hours of May 30, 2021.

Prosecutors argued that Tompkinson reacted in disgust and lashed out at Poole, but Tompkinson claimed he pushed him away in self-defense and the contact was not forceful enough to knock someone off their feet.

Evidence and Jury Decision

During the trial at Newcastle Crown Court, it was revealed that Poole and his friend had been drinking since midnight and had passed by Tompkinson’s home after visiting the beach.

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Tompkinson, residing with his partner and her seven-year-old son at the time, heard strange noises around 5:30 am and called emergency services while observing Poole and his friend struggle to stand up.

Witnesses, including a neighbor, testified that they saw Tompkinson slap and punch Poole, causing him to stumble and hit his head on the ground.


However, Tompkinson maintained that he couldn’t have punched Poole as he was holding his phone.

After deliberating for less than two hours, the jury ultimately found Tompkinson not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.

Impact on Tompkinson and Legal Proceedings

Tompkinson revealed in court that he has faced consequences in his acting career since being charged.

He stated that he has lost work opportunities, and his association with the industry has been put on hold due to the legal proceedings hanging over him.

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Analysis and Commentaries:

The acquittal of Stephen Tompkinson in the case of alleged grievous bodily harm brings an end to a challenging and distressing period for the actor.

The court’s decision highlights the importance of a fair trial and the role of evidence in determining culpability.

While witnesses testified to seeing Tompkinson strike Poole, the actor’s assertion that he acted in self-defense and the jury’s interpretation of the evidence ultimately led to his acquittal.

The impact on Tompkinson’s acting career and reputation is an unfortunate consequence of the legal proceedings.


Being associated with a criminal charge can have severe repercussions, leading to a loss of professional opportunities and potentially damaging one’s public image.

It remains to be seen how this acquittal will affect Tompkinson’s future prospects in the industry and whether he will be able to rebuild his career and reputation.

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This case also sheds light on the importance of addressing conflicts and confrontations responsibly.

While the circumstances surrounding the incident were unfortunate, it serves as a reminder that interactions can escalate quickly, leading to unintended consequences.

The legal process has provided a platform for both sides to present their arguments and for justice to be served, ultimately resulting in the jury’s decision to acquit Tompkinson.

Moving forward, it is crucial for individuals involved in similar situations to exercise restraint and seek peaceful resolutions.

Open communication and understanding can often defuse tensions and prevent physical altercations, mitigating the risk of harm and legal consequences for all parties involved.

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