Social Media Erupts as Odumodublvck Slams Davido’s Lyrics and Calls Him a “Fool”

Odumodublvck’s Jabs at Davido’s Lyrics

Fast-rising rapper Odumodublvck has ignited a social media storm by throwing a jab at Grammy-nominated artist Davido Adeleke.

The criticism centers around Davido’s reference to Dele Momodu as “my boy” in a song released a few years ago, particularly in the track ‘Bahd Baddo Baddest’ featuring Falz.

Recalling Davido’s Lyrics and Impact

In a recent post on the microblogging platform X, Odumodublvck recounted the impactful lyrics, emphasizing how simple yet powerful they were.

He specifically pointed out the line “MR DELE NA MY BOY,” deeming it one of the hardest lyrics he has ever heard. Concluding his post, Odumodublvck referred to Davido as a “fool” for crafting such deceptively simple yet profound lyrics.

Social Media Backlash and Reactions

The rapper’s statement has sparked a wave of reactions from social media users who perceive it as disrespectful to his senior colleague.

Some users, such as Hayce30bg, expressed concern about the choice of words, advising Odumodublvck to refrain from calling a married man with kids a “fool.”

Mixed Responses to Odumodublvck’s Remarks

While some users criticized Odumodublvck’s approach, others, like Dprince_charmin, interpreted the tweet as a form of hailing Davido, suggesting that people may not fully understand the context. The diverse reactions on social media indicate a range of opinions regarding the appropriateness of the rapper’s critique.

Cautionary Responses and Warnings

Several users, including dotboyswag10, cautioned Odumodublvck about the potential consequences of speaking without restraint. Dprince_charmin urged others to recognize the humorous nature of the tweet, suggesting that the rapper may be expressing admiration for Davido in a playful manner.

Comparisons with Other Artists and Music Industry Dynamics

In the midst of the controversy, some users drew comparisons with other artists, highlighting why Wizkid is often rated highly and cautioning against similar actions with him. The online dispute showcases the dynamics of the music industry, where critiques and banter among artists and fans are not uncommon.

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