Dave Courtney’s ‘Camelot Castle’: A Glimpse Inside the Gangland Figure’s Eccentric Mansion

Dave Courtney, the notorious gangland figure who recently passed away at the age of 64, resided in a remarkable house known as “Camelot Castle.”

This sprawling former school building made a bold statement with its unique exterior features.

The house boasted turrets, a rifle-wielding cowboy mannequin, and even a mural depicting Dave as a knight on a horse.

From the outside, it was impossible to miss the golden lions, Union Jacks, and at one time, a Knights Templar-style gangster mural adorned the property.

Beyond its exterior, “Camelot Castle” was a place of intrigue.

Inside the £650,000 home located in Plumstead, South East London, visitors encountered an array of fascinating elements.

The front room featured a painting of Dave as a reformed criminal with a halo and angel wings.

Remarkably, the paint used for the artwork contained Dave’s DNA, as he requested the painter to mix in his own blood.

Moving to the next room, a central attraction was a pool table, and photographs of Dave and his family adorned the walls.

Fake weapons hung on the walls, formerly belonging to Dave’s best friend Brendan, who owned a film company.

The dining room offered an eclectic collection, including shelves of books, old medals, military helmets, boxing gloves, and even a bust of Beethoven.

In contrast, the kitchen was one of the least decorated rooms in the house, featuring modest fittings and appliances.

However, the surprises didn’t end there.

Outside, a small nightclub space doubled as a cinema, and a jacuzzi was part of the outdoor amenities.

The most peculiar space was referred to as the “dungeon,” where Dave once claimed adult films were produced, and underwear brands used it for modeling.

Dave Courtney’s family sadly confirmed his passing, stating that he “took his own life.”

The circumstances surrounding his death involved a firearm and took place at his Camelot Castle home in Plumstead.

While it’s a remarkable and eccentric home, it is also the backdrop for a somber event in the life of a controversial figure.

Please note that Dave Courtney’s death is a tragic event, and it’s important to treat it with sensitivity and respect.

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