Staying at America’s Scariest Motel: A Glimpse Inside the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada

Staying at America’s Scariest Motel: A Glimpse Inside the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada

A YouTube video has taken viewers on a virtual journey into the unique experience of staying at the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada.

This motel, often touted as ‘America’s scariest motel,’ is a haven for those with an affinity for the eerie.

The content creator, Josh, accompanied by his father, embarked on a night’s stay at this unconventional establishment.

Upon entering the motel, an unsettling ambiance engulfs guests as they are greeted by an overwhelming collection of over 3,000 clowns of varying sizes and appearances.

Adding to the peculiarity, the motel overlooks a cemetery where around 300 individuals rest beneath leaning crosses and tin signs.

This burial ground holds the remains of those who succumbed to a mysterious plague in 1902 and a tragic fire in 1911.

As Josh and his father, hailing from California, arrived at the reception, the motel’s owner welcomed them and divulged that clowns from across the globe are sent to him, which he proudly displays.

The lobby, adorned with timber cladding, captivated Josh’s father, who marveled at the abundance of clown paraphernalia.

After exploring the lobby, they settled into room 210, named the Halloween room, priced at $130 per night.

This room pays homage to the 1978 horror film “Halloween,” featuring a mural of the infamous serial killer Michael Myers on the wall.

Other rooms in the motel boast themes like ‘The It,’ ‘The Exorcist,’ and ‘Friday the 13th.’

Upon entering their room, Josh found himself taken aback by the peculiar decor, notably a striking painting of two clowns above twin beds, complete with menacing eyes and razor-sharp teeth.

The room also featured graffiti left by former guests, some stains on the floor, and even a non-threatening rose-print shower curtain.

Josh summed up his impressions by describing the motel as a no-frills establishment, likening it to a slightly modernized Motel 6.

Interestingly, guests can opt to rent an EMF ghost-detecting device for $35 a day, a detail Josh shared, although he chose to purchase one from Amazon for a lower price.

As night descended, Josh and his father ventured into the adjacent cemetery in hopes of detecting paranormal activity with their EMF device.

Despite the eerie surroundings, they did not encounter any supernatural phenomena, and the device’s readings were confounded by a telephone pole.

Setting up a camera for a potential time-lapse of any spooky occurrences, Josh found the night to be uneventful.

The following morning, they left the motel with ‘I survived the Clown Motel’ stickers, concluding that despite its marketed scariness, the experience was more of a fun and worthwhile stop.

The history of the Clown Motel is rooted in its creation by siblings Leona and LeRoy David around 1985.

LeRoy David, who already owned the L and L Motel in the area, envisioned this new establishment beside the cemetery where his father was laid to rest.

Their fascination with clowns led them to house their growing collection in this peculiar location.

The motel gained prominence after being featured on the TV show ‘Ghost Adventures’ in 2015, resulting in increased activity and donations of clown figurines from around the world.

Bob Perchetti, who purchased the motel in 1995, put it up for sale in 2017, ultimately passing ownership to Hame Anand and Vijay Mehar two years later.

Under their management, the motel saw the addition of towering 19-foot ‘jolly clown cutouts’ and a range of themed rooms.

The clown collection expanded from 600 to over 3,000, cementing the Clown Motel’s reputation as a haven for those seeking a unique and intriguing experience.

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