Daughter of Prominent Nigerian Pastor Faces Online Backlash for Controversial Views on Fuel Subsidy Removal

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Deborah, the daughter of Paul Enenche, the Founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, faced online criticism after expressing her views on the current situation of fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria.


Her statement sparked a heated debate among Nigerians regarding the role of prayer in addressing societal issues.

Deborah’s personal experience at a filling station

Sharing her personal experience, Deborah mentioned visiting a filling station in Abuja where she found no one present.

She also mentioned another place where fuel was being sold at N700 per liter.

Recognizing her privilege and the grace of God in her life, she expressed her detachment from the hardships faced by other Nigerians.

She further stated that she preferred not to engage in online conversations and preferred to keep her thoughts to herself.

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However, she ended her statement by urging others to pray in light of the ongoing situation.


Online backlash against Deborah’s statement

Deborah’s remarks did not sit well with many Nigerians, who voiced their displeasure online.

Some criticized the reliance on prayer as a solution, citing examples of developed Western countries like the UK and the US, which they believe did not develop solely through prayer.

The comment sections were filled with varying opinions and reactions.

Criticisms and support from Nigerians

While some Nigerians criticized Deborah for her statement, others came to her defense.

Supporters argued that her family’s blessings were a result of God’s favor, dismissing the negative comments as baseless.

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However, those critical of Deborah’s perspective emphasised the need for action and practical solutions rather than relying solely on prayer.

Call for personal change and collective responsibility

Amidst the online debates, some Nigerians called for personal reflection and a change in behavior at an individual level.

They emphasized the importance of avoiding bribery, following due process, and supporting those who stand up for what is right in society.


They highlighted that blaming Deborah or any individual would not bring about national change, but rather change should start within homes, workplaces, and communities.

Satirical comment on the reliance on prayer

One commenter employed sarcasm to criticize the notion of relying solely on prayer.

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The commenter pointed out that continuously resorting to prayer had contributed to the current state of affairs in Nigeria and sarcastically suggested that Deborah’s father should pray on behalf of the nation.

In conclusion, Deborah Enenche’s statement regarding the fuel subsidy removal sparked a controversial online discussion.

While some supported her perspective and emphasized the power of prayer, others criticized the reliance on prayer alone and called for tangible action.

The incident highlighted the ongoing debates about the role of prayer, personal responsibility, and collective change in addressing societal issues in Nigeria.


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