Nigeria Labour Congress Faces Backlash for Opposing Fuel Subsidy Removal, Criticized for Prior Compromises

Nigeria Labour Congress Faces Backlash for Opposing Fuel Subsidy Removal, Criticized for Prior Compromises

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has recently faced severe criticism for its stance against the federal government’s decision to remove fuel subsidy.


The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) specifically condemned the Labour Union for opposing President Bola Tinubu’s actions.

Questioning the NLC’s Priorities:

The coalition raised questions regarding the NLC’s absence during the preparation, presentation, and defense of the country’s budget.

Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, the spokesperson for the group, expressed doubts about the NLC’s claims to be defending the people’s interests.

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Suleiman accused the NLC of repeatedly deceiving the public by pretending to protect their interests but ultimately compromising and negotiating with the government, leaving the suffering masses neglected.

Past Instances of Compromise:

Suleiman referenced previous instances where the NLC’s protests against the harsh economic policies of former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in February 2017 and the September 2018 strike failed to achieve substantial results.

He further criticized the NLC for canceling the planned October 2020 shutdown of the economy in response to increased petrol prices and electricity tariffs, following a meeting with government officials.


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Strong Criticism and Demands:

The coalition strongly condemned the NLC’s actions during the October 2020 strike, describing it as a significant compromise and trade-off.

In a letter dated October 6, 2021, they expressed their displeasure with the NLC’s decision.

The coalition demanded an explanation from the NLC regarding their absence during the budget preparation, presentation, defense, and subsequent passage by the 9th National Assembly, which did not include provisions for fuel subsidy.

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The NLC is facing significant backlash for opposing the removal of fuel subsidy by the federal government.

The coalition’s criticism highlights a pattern of compromise and betrayal by the NLC, which they argue has neglected the interests of the suffering masses.

The NLC now faces demands to account for its absence during crucial budget processes and explain its position on the removal of fuel subsidy.


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