APC Chieftain Calls on Nigerian Workers to Disregard NLC’s Strike Directive over Fuel Subsidy Removal

APC Chieftain Calls on Nigerian Workers to Disregard NLC’s Strike Directive over Fuel Subsidy Removal

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Bayo Onanuga, a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has called on Nigerian workers to ignore the strike directive issued by Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC).


Onanuga alleges that Ajaero is following the agenda of the Labour Party (LP) in an attempt to destabilize President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

Allegations of Political Motives Behind NLC’s Actions

Expressing his views on Twitter, the APC stalwart questions why Ajaero did not oppose the LP and its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, who had also pledged to remove fuel subsidy.

Onanuga laments that despite being aware of the destabilizing impact of the subsidy on the economy, the NLC president remains against its removal.

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Support for Government’s Efforts and Mitigation Measures

Onanuga calls on the Nigerian people and workers to stand with the government as it formulates new wage policies and implements other interventions, as promised by President Tinubu, to alleviate the effects of the new fuel price.

He advises perceptive workers and the general populace to disregard Ajaero and his associates, claiming that they are playing politics and serving the interests of the opposition Labour Party.

Subsidy Removal Rationale and Financial Challenges

Highlighting the financial situation, Onanuga emphasizes that the NLC and Trade Union Congress (TUC) leaders have known since November of the planned removal of fuel subsidy from July 1, as no provisions were made for it in the budget beyond that date.


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He argues that with the government already allocating 96% of its revenue to debt servicing and facing a dire financial position, subsidized fuel sales are unsustainable, especially considering that much of it is smuggled for illicit profit.

Appeal to Nigerian People and Workers

Onanuga urges the Nigerian people and workers to support the government’s decision and its efforts to address the consequences of the new fuel price.

He emphasizes that the subsidy system is no longer viable, as the government is burdened with enormous debt and outstanding subsidies owed to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Limited.

Accusation Against NLC Leadership

The APC chieftain labels Ajaero as a politician rather than a labor leader, claiming that he no longer represents the interests of all Nigerian workers.

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Onanuga cautions against being manipulated by the politically biased and tainted NLC and TUC, urging the public not to be pawns in their hands.

In summary, Bayo Onanuga, an APC member, urges Nigerian workers to disregard the strike directive from the NLC and accuses its president, Joe Ajaero, of pursuing political motives.

Onanuga argues that the removal of fuel subsidy is necessary due to financial constraints and urges support for the government’s efforts to implement new wage policies and mitigate the effects of the new fuel price.

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