‘Venezuelan Teen Gunman in Times Square Shooting to Be Tried as Adult, Faces Multiple Charges’

‘Venezuelan Teen Gunman in Times Square Shooting to Be Tried as Adult, Faces Multiple Charges’

Legal Proceedings Begin:

Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, the 15-year-old Venezuelan accused of the Times Square shooting, will be tried as an adult. The teen, charged with attempted murder, assault, attempted assault, and criminal possession of a weapon, faced a M

anhattan Criminal Court, highlighting the severity of the alleged crimes.

Details of the Incident:

Rivas-Figueroa stands accused of firing shots during a robbery attempt at JD Sports Store in Times Square.

The incident took a tragic turn when a bullet, intended for a security guard, struck Tatiele Riberio Lemos, a 38-year-old Brazilian tourist, who was waiting in line to purchase sneakers.

Reckless Firing Amid Pursuit:

The accused gunman reportedly fled through Times Square, firing recklessly at pursuing police officers.

NYPD Deputy Chief of Detectives Jason Savino emphasized the dangerous nature of the suspect’s actions, describing how Rivas-Figueroa showed no regard for the safety of those in the vicinity.

Miraculous Avoidance of Casualties:

Chief of Patrol John Chell highlighted the gravity of the situation, illustrating how the suspect fired into a crowded store and at police officers without considering the potential harm to bystanders.

The restraint shown by the police in refraining from returning fire into the crowd is acknowledged, emphasizing the potential consequences averted.

Arrest and Emotional Discrepancy:

After a nearly day-long manhunt, US Marshals arrested Rivas-Figueroa in Yonkers. The accused, initially described as a ‘very, very violent’ suspect, presented a stark contrast during his arrest, appearing more like a scared child crying for his mother.

The emotional discrepancy between his arrest and the alleged crimes is noted.

CCTV Footage Reveals Startling Events:

Horrifying CCTV footage captures the chaotic sequence of events, starting with a security guard confronting Rivas-Figueroa and his friends attempting to steal a jacket.

The suspect, allegedly armed, opened fire during the confrontation, inadvertently hitting the Brazilian tourist, Tatiele Riberio Lemos.

Victim’s Experience and Aftermath:

Riberio Lemos, unaware of her injury initially, recalls the moment of the shooting, describing the chaos and subsequent realization of being shot.

She took refuge in a storage room, where staff and fellow shoppers assisted by creating a makeshift tourniquet. Rushed to Bellevue Hospital, she required 13 stitches for her leg wound.

Dramatic Escape and Trail of Evidence:

Following the shooting, Rivas-Figueroa managed to escape into the subway station, leaving a trail of discarded clothes along West 48th Street and Sixth Avenue.

CCTV footage captures his escape, showcasing the suspect’s attempt to elude law enforcement and the evidence he left behind.

Criminal Record and Migrant Status:

At just 15 years old, Rivas-Figueroa is implicated in two other crimes—a January 27 armed robbery in the Bronx and another shooting in Midtown.

The accused, a migrant from Venezuela, entered the US in September and was staying at the Stratford Hotel, utilized as a migrant shelter, blocks away from Times Square.

Legal Ramifications for the Accused:

As the legal process begins, Rivas-Figueroa faces a complex set of charges that include serious felonies.

The decision to try him as an adult indicates the gravity of the alleged crimes, and the upcoming court proceedings will shed light on the legal consequences the accused teenager may face.

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