Dangerous Pursuit: Sussexes’ Two-Hour Car Chase with Aggressive Paparazzi Shakes New York City

Dangerous Pursuit: Sussexes’ Two-Hour Car Chase with Aggressive Paparazzi Shakes New York City

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Mayor of New York Expresses Concern over High-Speed Chase Involving Sussexes and Paparazzi


The Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has expressed disbelief and concern over a two-hour high-speed chase that occurred after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, also known as the Sussexes, claimed they were involved in a “near-catastrophic car chase.”

Speaking at a press conference, Adams emphasized the danger of even a ten-minute chase in the city.

The Sussexes’ Encounter with Aggressive Paparazzi According to a spokesperson for Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and her mother Doria, the incident involved a relentless pursuit lasting over two hours, during which they were followed by highly aggressive paparazzi.

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The chase took place on Tuesday night following the couple’s attendance at an awards ceremony in New York.

Mayor Adams’ Response and Concern for Safety Mayor Adams, while awaiting a detailed briefing, expressed his concerns about the incident.

He acknowledged that two police officers could have been injured, emphasizing the potential horror of losing an innocent bystander during such a chase.


Adams also drew a parallel between the incident and the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997.

Criticism of Harry and Meghan’s Account The mayor criticized Harry and Meghan’s description of the incident, considering it reckless and irresponsible.

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He stressed the need for extreme responsibility, given the tragic history associated with Princess Diana’s death.

Details of the Incident and Paparazzi Behavior The couple’s spokesperson revealed that the chase involved several cars with blacked-out windows, exhibiting dangerous driving behavior that endangered their lives.

The paparazzi were reported to have driven on sidewalks, run red lights, and taken photographs while driving, highlighting the potential fatality of the situation.

Confirmation by the NYPD The New York Police Department (NYPD) confirmed the occurrence of the incident, acknowledging the challenging nature of Harry and Meghan’s transportation due to numerous photographers.

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However, no injuries or arrests have been reported thus far.



In a full statement from Harry and Meghan’s spokesperson, they condemned the dangerous car chase orchestrated by aggressive paparazzi.

They stressed the importance of prioritizing safety over the public’s interest and criticized the dissemination of images obtained through such intrusive practices.

The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by public figures in maintaining their safety and well-being.


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