Royal Biographer Advocates ‘Obliteration of the Sussexes’ Amidst Monarchy Concerns

Royal Biographer Advocates ‘Obliteration of the Sussexes’ Amidst Monarchy Concerns

In a recent episode of The Reaction, a Mail’s YouTube talk show, royal biographer Tom Bower expressed strong opinions about Prince Harry’s brief visit to King Charles following the monarch’s cancer diagnosis.

Bower, known for his book ‘Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsors,’ labeled Prince Harry a ‘traitor’ and suggested that the future of the monarchy hinges on the ‘obliteration of the Sussexes.’

Bower’s Critique:

Tom Bower launched a blistering attack on Prince Harry, asserting that the monarchy’s well-being depends on eliminating the influence of the Sussexes from public life.

Bower expressed his dissatisfaction with Prince Harry’s special escort to Clarence House and raised questions about the necessity for him to stay overnight in a hotel instead of royal residences.

Bower’s critique reflects a strong stance against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, suggesting that their presence poses a threat to the monarchy.

Harry’s Brief Visit and Family Dynamics:

Prince Harry’s short visit to King Charles, who informed him of his cancer diagnosis over the telephone, did not ease tensions within the royal family.

Bower criticized the visit, emphasizing Harry’s role as a ‘traitor’ and expressing fury over the accommodations provided during his stay.

The coverage delves into the dynamics of Prince Harry’s visit, shedding light on the strained relationships within the royal family.

Debates on Transparency and Reconciliation:

The hosts of The Reaction debated the transparency of King Charles’s announcement regarding his cancer, with discussions on whether revealing the specific form of cancer would have been appropriate.

The possibility of reconciliation between the Royal Family and the Sussexes was also explored, with divergent opinions on whether forgiveness is feasible.

The inclusion of debates adds depth to the coverage, presenting contrasting perspectives on transparency and the potential for healing within the family.

Concerns Beyond Royalty:

The talk show hosts shifted the conversation to broader societal issues, discussing child safety online in the wake of tragic events and exploring the unexpected question of whether model and actress Holly Valance could be a potential savior for the Conservative Party.

The broader societal concerns discussed provide context to the royal-focused segment, offering a diverse range of topics.


Tom Bower’s outspoken views, coupled with discussions on transparency, reconciliation, and societal concerns, highlight the complexity of current issues surrounding the monarchy.

The future trajectory of the royal family remains uncertain, with divergent opinions on the role of the Sussexes in shaping that future.

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