The Power of Mommunes: Single Mothers Joining Forces for Shared Living and Support

The Power of Mommunes: Single Mothers Joining Forces for Shared Living and Support

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. The Rise of ‘Mommunes’: Single Mothers Joining Forces


Single mothers across the United States are finding support and sharing responsibilities by forming ‘mommunes,’ where they live together and split household bills and childcare duties.

These unique arrangements have gained attention on social media, where single moms are sharing their experiences and advocating for the benefits of this collective living.

A New Approach to Single Parenthood

Kristin Batykefer, a single mother, found herself without income or a place to go after her marriage ended and she lost her job.

Fortunately, two friends offered her and her four-year-old daughter a place to stay.

Soon after, another friend, Tessa Gilder, joined them with her two children.


Batykefer, now 32, has become an advocate for the ‘mommune’ lifestyle, emphasizing the pooling of resources to support and raise their families.

The Growing Trend of Mommunes

According to the US Census Bureau, 80 percent of single-parent households in the country are led by mothers.

Batykefer expressed her surprise that joining forces with another single mother isn’t more common.

She believes that the communal living arrangement offers numerous advantages, such as shared childcare responsibilities and companionship for the children.

Through social media platforms like TikTok, Batykefer shares her experiences and encourages other single mothers to consider forming their own ‘mommunes.’

Benefits and Perks of Mommune Life

Batykefer highlights the advantages of living with other single mothers, including the ability to engage in activities such as visiting the beach and attending concerts without the constant worry of childcare responsibilities.


She also shares heartwarming stories of support within their ‘mommune,’ such as helping each other during illness and providing emotional and practical assistance.

Historical Precedent and Changing Living Structures

The concept of mothers living together and supporting each other is not entirely new, particularly in nonwhite communities where this practice has existed for centuries.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought attention to non-traditional living arrangements, including mommunes.

Parents, especially single mothers, have been pushed to find creative solutions due to rising living costs and reduced childcare options.

Building Communities and Finding Creative Solutions

The trend of parents redefining traditional family structures and taking matters into their own hands has gained momentum.

Holly Harper, another single mother, shared her experience of buying a four-unit apartment building with a friend after separating from her partner.


She highlights the benefits of creating a familial community and finding unique living arrangements that meet their needs.

This shift reflects the idea of creating a village-like support system, even when traditional structures are not readily available.


Mommunes are emerging as a supportive and practical solution for single mothers, allowing them to share the financial burden and childcare responsibilities.

Social media platforms provide a space for these mothers to share their experiences, offer advice, and advocate for the benefits of communal living.

As families continue to explore alternative living structures, the concept of mommunes demonstrates the resilience and creativity of single mothers in navigating parenthood and building supportive communities.


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