Former Education Minister Oby Ezekwesili Criticizes House of Representatives Over Exotic Vehicle Purchase

Former Education Minister Oby Ezekwesili Criticizes House of Representatives Over Exotic Vehicle Purchase

Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has strongly criticized the House of Representatives for their decision to procure new luxury vehicles for its members.

House Committee Clarifies Vehicle Acquisition

The House of Representatives, often referred to as the Green Chamber, recently faced public outrage as they revealed plans to purchase brand new official vehicles for their members.

In response to the backlash, the Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Akin Rotimi, released a statement on Sunday to clarify the situation.

In the statement, Rotimi pointed out that media reports regarding the acquisition of new vehicles were exaggerated.

He emphasized that the vehicles were not meant for personal use but rather utility operational vehicles connected to the lawmakers’ oversight functions.

According to Rotimi, these vehicles are expected to be returned at the end of the lawmakers’ tenure.

However, members may have the option to purchase the vehicles by paying the outstanding value and claiming ownership after their time in the National Assembly.

Ezekwesili’s Strong Response

Oby Ezekwesili, known for her outspoken stance on political matters in Nigeria, took to social media to express her dismay over the situation.

In a post on her social media account, she described the statement released by the House Committee’s spokesman as “extremely ludicrous and duplicitous.”

She accused the House of Representatives of using scarce public resources to purchase luxury cars at a time when the majority of citizens in the country struggle to afford basic necessities.

The cost of living crisis has left many unable to feed their families, afford transportation, or cover school fees and medical bills.

Lawmakers as a Threat to Democracy

Ezekwesili went further to label the members of the National Assembly as the “biggest threat to the country’s democracy.”

She criticized their decision to buy new exotic vehicles for themselves during a period of severe economic distress for citizens and the nation as a whole.

She warned that the citizens, who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the actions of their elected representatives, may soon rise up and collectively demand accountability and responsible governance.

Ezekwesili concluded by condemning the recurring behavior of an “irresponsible political class” and expressed the belief that their actions would hasten their own downfall.

She characterized them as an “incorrigible bunch of LawBreakers” and predicted that their actions would accelerate the push for change.

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