Hollywood’s Turbulent Love Story: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s Epic Romance

The Beginning of an Iconic Romance

The legendary and tumultuous relationship between Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor and Welsh actor Richard Burton had its origins in Rome during the making of the film epic, Cleopatra.

At the time, Elizabeth Taylor was married to her fourth husband, American crooner Eddie Fisher, and was the mother of three children.

Richard Burton, on the other hand, had two children with his Welsh wife, Sybil.

What followed was a whirlwind of tragedy, farce, and overpowering erotic attraction.

January 22, 1962: The First Meeting

On the set of Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor arrives with her husband Eddie Fisher, accompanied by two secretaries, two maids, makeup artists, and hairdressers.

Their meeting is not typical, as Burton’s opening words to Taylor are, ‘You’re much too fat, but you do have a pretty face.’

However, the producer of the film, Walter Wanger, notes the electric chemistry between the two, and Burton later writes about Taylor’s captivating allure.

The Steamy Affair Unfolds

As filming progresses, it becomes apparent that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are not merely playing Antony and Cleopatra on screen.

Burton’s provocative announcement about his encounter with Taylor in the back of his Cadillac hints at their passionate affair.

While Burton expresses his concerns about not letting this relationship harm his career or marriage, he also acknowledges the exhilaration that Taylor brings into his life.

Eddie Fisher’s Revelation

Eddie Fisher, Taylor’s husband, eventually breaks the unspoken ‘Cuckold’s Code’ by informing Sybil, Burton’s wife, about the ongoing affair.

This revelation ignites a series of confrontations and emotions, further complicating their already tangled relationships.

The Escalating Romance

Burton takes Taylor out for a night in Rome, marking a turning point in their relationship.

Despite concerns that the public would condemn their affair, attitudes toward celebrity relationships were evolving.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

As their affair intensifies, Sybil’s departure to New York prompts a series of emotional events.

Taylor’s suicide attempt, Burton’s attempt to call off the affair, and Taylor’s overdose on barbiturates add to the complexity of their romance.

The Relationship’s Impact on Sybil

Fearful that Burton may choose Sybil over her, Taylor ends up at the Salvator Mundi Hospital after her stomach is pumped following a barbiturate overdose.

Eddie Fisher’s Last Stand

The confrontation between Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton escalates, leading to a heated exchange where both men threaten each other.

Publicity and Denial

Despite the rumors surrounding their affair, Burton issues a statement denying the affair, while newspapers and photographers swarm Rome to capture their every move.

Taylor’s husband, Eddie Fisher, also struggles with the public’s perception of their marriage.

Taylor and Burton’s Relationship Intensifies

The romance between Taylor and Burton deepens, leaving Sybil to realize the extent of their connection.

Sybil’s Desperation

Sybil, Burton’s wife, makes a desperate attempt to reconcile with Burton.

Her efforts are in vain as Burton’s affections are firmly with Elizabeth Taylor.

Cleopatra’s Completion and the End of Two Marriages

The filming of Cleopatra wraps up, but it’s seven months behind schedule.

Taylor’s absence during filming and the strain of their affair have taken a toll on the production.

The Aftermath

The relationship between Taylor and Burton has its share of tranquil moments, but it is mainly characterized by turbulence.

Their love affair becomes the subject of intense public interest, even overshadowing significant global events.

A Complicated Love

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s passionate and complex romance is a testament to the power of love and attraction, even when it defies societal norms and expectations.

Their love story continues to captivate audiences, showcasing the intensity and unpredictability of human emotions.

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