Couple considered making nurse Lucy Letby their child’s godmother, unaware of her ongoing killing spree

Couple considered making nurse Lucy Letby their child’s godmother, unaware of her ongoing killing spree

The following content describes the heartbreaking story of a young couple who almost unknowingly involved Britain’s most prolific child killer, neo-natal nurse Lucy Letby, in their lives.

The couple’s trust in Letby, who had attended the birth of their premature son and provided constant care, turned into a horrifying realization when they later discovered her killing spree.

An Unlikely Connection: Trusting the Nurse

For a young couple dealing with the premature birth of their son, neo-natal nurse Lucy Letby was a godsend.

She was present during the birth, took extra time to explain medical procedures, reassured the parents, and seemed to take a special interest in their child.

When the father proposed to have Letby become their son’s godmother, it seemed a fitting tribute to the caring nurse.

They were unaware that Letby was, at the time, in the midst of a killing spree.

Dark Secrets: Discovering the Unthinkable

The couple’s trust in Letby began to crack as they recalled unusual events.

Once, their son was found with an unexplained amount of blood in his nappy while under Letby’s care.

Another time, he inexplicably collapsed in her presence.

A handmade Mother’s Day card with a photograph of their baby without essential breathing equipment raised further questions.

During her trial, Letby was accused of tampering with medical equipment and endangering the lives of infants.

Unraveling the Truth: A Nurse’s Obsession

Eight months later, the couple had another premature baby, realizing only then that Letby’s actions were endangering their children.

Upon their infant’s discharge, Letby befriended the mother on Facebook and continued to comment on their son’s health.

Her intense interest in their child, once seen as kindness, became chilling in retrospect.

A Terrifying Realization: Reflecting on the Past

In early days, the couple appreciated Letby’s affection towards their son, her readiness to chat and share about her life, and her presence in significant moments.

However, looking back, they recognized red flags, such as Letby’s anger at not being assigned to their child and their son’s inexplicable health dips under her care.

They considered making Letby their son’s godmother but eventually chose a family member instead.

Betrayal and Lingering Doubts

When Letby was arrested in July 2018, the couple was shocked.

They struggled with mixed emotions, as the kind and caring image of the nurse clashed with her horrific actions.

Trust issues and overprotectiveness towards their children have persisted, and they hope for definite answers regarding their son’s experiences under Letby’s care.


This deeply unsettling account underscores the profound betrayal and psychological trauma experienced by parents who unknowingly trusted their child to a killer.

The story of Lucy Letby serves as a painful reminder of the vital importance of vigilance and thorough investigations in healthcare, particularly when it comes to the care and protection of the most vulnerable members of our society.

It highlights the complexity of human emotions and trust, especially when dealing with individuals who are supposed to uphold the highest ethical standards in their profession.

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