Convicted Killer Wins High Court Challenge Over Transfer to Open Prison

Convicted Killer Wins High Court Challenge Over Transfer to Open Prison

…By Enitan Thompson for TDPel Media.

Background of the Case

Stephen Wynne, a former soldier, has succeeded in a High Court challenge regarding his transfer to open prison conditions.


Wynne was convicted of the murder of Chantel Taylor, a sex worker, whom he killed with a meat cleaver in March 2004.

He was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment in January 2006, with a minimum term of 21 years.

Legal Challenge and Ruling

Last year, the Parole Board recommended that Wynne, currently held in HMP Berwyn, be moved to open prison conditions.

However, the Ministry of Justice rejected this recommendation in April 2022.

As a result, Wynne brought a legal challenge against the government’s decision.

In a recent ruling, a senior judge sided with Wynne, stating that the government had failed to provide a valid justification for rejecting the Parole Board’s recommendation.


Analysis and Commentary:

The High Court ruling in favor of Stephen Wynne raises important questions about the decision-making process regarding the transfer of prisoners to open prison conditions.

The Parole Board, after an extensive examination of Wynne’s case, concluded that he could be effectively managed in open conditions and did not pose a significant risk of absconding.

They recommended his transfer based on their analysis and the consensus among professional report writers.

The Ministry of Justice, however, rejected the recommendation, citing the extreme violence of the murder, Wynne’s impulsivity, and his tendency to justify his actions as factors that could not be effectively managed in open conditions.

This led to Wynne’s legal challenge, with his lawyers arguing that the government’s position lacked rationality and provided insufficient reasoning.

The High Court judge agreed with Wynne’s argument, emphasizing the lack of a valid reason for the government to deviate from the Parole Board’s recommendation.

The judge noted the comprehensive analysis conducted by the panel, the clarity of their conclusion, and the consensus among professional witnesses.

This case highlights the complex balancing act between the rehabilitation of prisoners and public safety.


The decision to transfer an inmate to open prison conditions requires careful consideration of various factors, including the nature of the crime, the prisoner’s behavior and progress, and the potential risks involved.

It also raises broader questions about the purpose of imprisonment and the potential for rehabilitation.

The ruling in Wynne’s favor may have implications for future cases involving the transfer of prisoners to open conditions.

It emphasizes the importance of providing sound and reasonable justifications for decisions made by the Ministry of Justice, particularly when they deviate from the recommendations of expert bodies such as the Parole Board.

The ruling also underscores the need for a comprehensive and evidence-based approach in assessing an individual’s suitability for open prison conditions.

In conclusion, the High Court’s decision in Stephen Wynne’s case highlights the significance of proper justification in the decision-making process regarding the transfer of prisoners to open prison conditions.

The ruling emphasizes the need for a thorough examination of the individual’s circumstances and a valid rationale when considering the recommendations of expert bodies.

The case sheds light on the complex considerations involved in managing the rehabilitation and risks associated with convicted offenders.


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