Coleen Rooney Reveals Strain on Her Marriage in New Disney+ Docuseries

Coleen Rooney Speaks Out on Marriage Strain

Coleen Rooney, the wife of former footballer Wayne Rooney, has candidly discussed the challenges and strain that press leaks had on her marriage.

The couple’s turbulent journey, which reached its peak in 2017, is the subject of a new three-part docuseries on Disney+ centered around the infamous Wagatha Christie case.

In this legal battle, Coleen Rooney found herself pitted against fellow WAG Rebekah Vardy.

The Wagatha Christie Case and Its Origins

The Wagatha Christie case revolves around leaked information from Coleen’s private Instagram account.

The first significant leak became public when details about her decision to move in with her parents following Wayne’s drink-driving arrest were published in The Sun newspaper.

Wayne Rooney, the former Manchester United player, found himself in hot water after being pulled over by the police while driving the car of Laura Simpson, a woman he had met during a night out.

Coleen’s Heartbreak and Confrontation

During this tumultuous period, Coleen Rooney admitted to feeling “heartbroken” by Wayne’s actions.

She confronted him with her feelings, expressing that his behavior left her questioning whether she truly knew the person she had married.

She conveyed to him that when he indulged in excessive drinking and misbehavior, he became a different person, one she did not want him to be.

The Difficult Conversation

Coleen recalled the moment of their conversation when she received a call from Wayne while at the airport.

The phone call left her with a sinking feeling in her stomach, a sensation she had experienced on previous occasions when Wayne’s actions had caused her distress.

She emphasized her disappointment, conveying her doubts about Wayne’s character in such moments. Wayne, on his part, apologized but also maintained that he had no recollection of ever having a conversation with the woman in the bar, whom he had never met before.

A Painful Period for Coleen

Following this revelation, Coleen revealed that she was “just heartbroken” and decided to temporarily leave their house, choosing to stay with her parents along with their children.

During this time, she shared a message on her Instagram account, which was subsequently leaked to the press despite her deleting it a few hours later.

Contacting Laura Simpson

Notably, Coleen reached out to Laura Simpson, the woman involved in the incident, to hear her perspective directly.

This conversation occurred without anyone’s prior knowledge, as Coleen did not wish to be dissuaded from her decision to speak with Simpson.

Continued Challenges and Reflection

Coleen and Wayne continued to navigate their difficulties, with Wayne expressing a desire for things to return to normal.

However, it was not a straightforward process. Coleen stressed her ongoing frustration and uncertainty about the future of their relationship.

She explained that she had experienced moments when she questioned whether she truly knew Wayne as a person, particularly during times when he consumed alcohol, causing him to exhibit behavior that was uncharacteristic of the man she married.

Time Apart and Reconciliation

During this challenging period, Coleen traveled to Barbados with their children, seeking some time apart from Wayne to reflect on their relationship.

However, the leaks from her social media account persisted, even after her return. Despite the difficulties, she made the decision to move back in and try to make life easier for their family.

Wayne’s Relief and Commitment

Wayne expressed relief at Coleen’s return home, emphasizing his desire to spend the rest of his life with her.

He acknowledged the foolishness of his actions, which nearly jeopardized their marriage, and conveyed his commitment to not allowing such incidents to reoccur.

Frustration Over Leaks

Amid the reconciliation, news of their reunion making headlines angered Coleen, who posted warnings requesting the leaks to stop.

She felt betrayed and described the leaks as sly.

Disney+ Docuseries on the Horizon

The insights into this challenging period of their marriage will be featured in the Disney+ docuseries titled “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story,” scheduled to air from October 18.

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