Coleen Rooney Opens Up About Disney+ Documentary on The One Show

Coleen Rooney’s Revelations on The One Show

During a rare TV appearance on The One Show, Coleen Rooney, the 37-year-old WAG (Wives and Girlfriends of professional athletes), shared insights about her upcoming Disney+ documentary. The documentary delves into the widely publicized Wagatha Christie trial, a saga that unfolded in the public eye.

Dealing with Ongoing Leaks

Coleen Rooney candidly discussed her decision to publicly name Rebekah Vardy after enduring continuous leaks from her personal social media account to The Sun newspaper.

She emphasized that her intention had initially been to address the issue discreetly, but the persistent leaks forced her to take a more public stance.

Coleen acknowledged that the situation had persisted for a considerable duration, ultimately pushing her to reveal Rebekah Vardy’s involvement.

She explained, “I put warning posts out there, saying ‘someone was leaking my private information,’ and it just didn’t stop. It continued, and I just had enough, and I just wanted it done with.”

From a Personal Matter to Worldwide Phenomenon

Coleen Rooney expressed her astonishment at the worldwide impact that her story had generated.

What started as a personal matter soon became a global phenomenon, with the phrase “Wagatha Christie” even entering everyday language.

Despite moments when she wished the issue would fade away, she persevered through the challenges of the situation.

She commented, “There were times when I wanted it to go away, but I had to battle on.”

A Glimpse of the Documentary

In anticipation of the Disney+ documentary titled “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story,” an explosive trailer was released.

In the teaser, Coleen delves into the details of her investigation into Rebekah Vardy and her relentless pursuit of the truth regarding the leaks to The Sun newspaper.

The clip captures Coleen’s emotional journey throughout the ordeal, which began with a Twitter post on October 9, 2019.

She also issued a warning to Jamie Vardy’s wife, emphasizing, “Don’t play games with a girl who can play better.”

The Role of Key Figures

The documentary features appearances by Coleen Rooney’s husband, Wayne, as well as Piers Morgan, Coleen’s mother Colette, and her friends, who provide insights into the challenges and trials that unfolded during this dramatic episode.

The trailer includes footage of both Coleen and Rebekah arriving at the High Court with their husbands, while spectators can be seen chanting, “Your wife is a grass,” as Jamie Vardy takes to the pitch amid the legal proceedings.

Coleen’s Determination and Evidence Gathering

The documentary showcases Coleen’s dedication to gathering evidence to support her claims.

She meticulously laid out pages, which included images of her family, along with posts from her private social media account.

A commentator in the film described the situation as a detective story, emphasizing that finding the responsible party was no easy task.

Coleen acknowledged that she needed evidence and had to set a trap, ultimately leading her into an unforeseen legal battle.

A Personal Perspective on the Impact

Throughout the documentary, Coleen Rooney provides personal insights into the profound impact of the ordeal on her life.

She recounted the messages she received from Rebekah, which fueled her determination to uncover the truth. Her father even noticed the transformation, remarking, “You’re just not you anymore.”

Trademark Battle Adds Fuel to the Fire

In a twist to the ongoing legal battle, Rebekah Vardy reportedly applied to trademark the term ‘Wagatha,’ referring to the contentious conflict between the two WAGs.

The dispute between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy had its roots in Coleen’s claims, made in October 2019, that stories about her were being leaked to the press from Rebekah’s social media account.

The situation escalated when The Sun published fake articles about Coleen, purportedly originating from her private Instagram.

Rebekah Vardy subsequently took legal action against Coleen for libel, a case that concluded with a judge ruling in favor of Coleen.

The documentary explores the journey and impact of this highly publicized feud.

Timeline of the Wagatha Christie Saga

The ongoing feud, dubbed “Wagatha Christie,” had a complex timeline that extended over several years. It began with fake articles published by The Sun, reportedly originating from Coleen’s private Instagram.

The situation escalated when Coleen publicly accused Rebekah Vardy of leaking stories to the tabloids.

This episode explores key moments in the dispute, from the initial Twitter post in October 2019 that ignited the controversy to the subsequent legal battles and revelations that unfolded.

The High-Stakes Libel Trial

The culmination of the Wagatha Christie saga saw a high-stakes libel trial between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy.

The trial took place in the High Court and included a judge’s ruling that supported Coleen’s claims.

The court found that Rebekah Vardy was “guilty of the serious and consistent breach of trust,” substantiating Coleen’s accusations.

Explosive Revelations and Continued Legal Battles

Even after the libel case concluded, explosive messages between Rebekah Vardy and her agent Caroline Watt came to light during a preliminary court hearing. These messages were the subject of intense scrutiny by Coleen’s legal team.

However, the legal process faced challenges when it was revealed that Ms. Watt’s phone had fallen into the North Sea, preventing further extraction of information.

The Aftermath and Legal Victory

The ongoing saga reached its climax when a judge ruled in favor of Coleen Rooney, declaring that her accusations against Rebekah Vardy were “substantially true.”

The legal victory marked a significant turning point in the Wagatha Christie story.

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