Christian Women Urged to Rise and Make a Positive Impact on Nigeria

Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun, the wife of the Ogun State Governor, expressed her concerns about the difficulties Nigerians are facing due to the removal of fuel subsidies and the decision to float the naira.


She emphasized that the entire nation is currently undergoing a challenging period.

Mrs. Abiodun made these remarks during the 9th annual convention of the Women Wing Christian Association of Nigeria (WOWICAN), South West Zone.

The convention, themed “Abounding Grace,” was held at the Apostolic Church, Abeokuta Area Headquarters in Ijemo Agbadu, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

National Struggles in Trying Times

Addressing the attendees, the Governor’s wife pointed out that even the affluent individuals are feeling apprehensive about the ongoing situation in the country, not to mention those who are less fortunate.


She encouraged participants to maintain their faith in God despite the challenging circumstances.

Faith Amidst Adversity

Following her investiture as the patroness of WOWICAN, Mrs. Abiodun acknowledged the prevailing tough times in the country.

She highlighted the sharp increase in fuel prices over the past few months and the instability of the Nigerian currency.

She stressed that these circumstances have far-reaching implications, affecting the cost of living, including food and other essential commodities.

Despite the challenges, Mrs. Abiodun urged everyone to hold on to their faith and trust in God.


She emphasized that God can turn the impossible into reality and that with faith, the hardships can be overcome.

Empowerment and Leadership

Earlier in the event, Mrs. Odunola Raji-Adebesin, the Southwest zonal chairperson of WOWICAN, welcomed the attendees and delivered an address.

She called upon Christian women to assume leadership roles across various sectors of the nation’s activities.

Mrs. Raji-Adebesin emphasized the need for women to utilize their talents positively for the betterment of both the Christian community and the nation as a whole.

She encouraged Christian women to recognize their intellectual capabilities and to rise up to take ownership of their responsibilities.


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