Survey Reveals Pickleball’s Positive Impact on Seniors’ Mental Health, Memory, and Social Connection

Survey Reveals Pickleball’s Positive Impact on Seniors’ Mental Health, Memory, and Social Connection

Pickleball Paddles Up for Mental Health and Memory: A Survey

Boosting Brains and Bonds: Pickleball’s Impact on Seniors

A new survey suggests that pickleball, a rapidly growing paddle sport, could be a game changer for older adults’ mental health and memory.

Carewell, a caregiver support company, surveyed over 1,000 Americans, finding that pickleball:

Reduced stress and anxiety: Nearly 70% of participants aged 55+ reported feeling less stressed and anxious after playing pickleball.

Lifted spirits: 64% called the sport “uplifting,” indicating a positive emotional boost.

Strengthened memory and cognition: One in three participants felt their memory and cognitive function improved with pickleball.

This suggests potential benefits in slowing the decline of dementia, a growing concern for older Americans.

Pickleball: A Gateway to Connection and Community

Beyond individual benefits, pickleball fosters social connection:

Building community: Half of the seniors reported a sense of community while playing pickleball.

Connecting generations: One in 10 younger adults (Gen Z and millennials) said pickleball helped them bond with their older family members.

Strengthening family ties: 31% of family members observed more frequent and enjoyable family gatherings when their loved ones played pickleball.

The Science Behind the Paddle:

Previous research supports the survey’s findings:

Team sports and memory: Regular participation in team sports is linked to the release of hormones known to boost memory function.

Pickleball’s meteoric rise: Invented in 1965, pickleball has skyrocketed in popularity, becoming the fastest-growing sport in the US.

Beyond Pickleball: A Spectrum of Activity and Well-being

The survey also highlighted other activities that benefit seniors:

Yoga: 61% of participants reported improved mood after yoga.

Cycling: 59% experienced a mood boost from cycling.

Shifting trends: Seniors are embracing active lifestyles, with 40% engaging in physical activity two to three times a week.

Pickleball: A Paddle for a Healthier Future

This survey adds to a growing body of research suggesting pickleball’s potential for positive aging:

Reducing the risk of early death: A 2022 study by the National Cancer Institute found that playing racquet sports like pickleball for at least 2.5 hours a day reduced the risk of early death by 16% in adults aged 59-82.


Pickleball appears to be more than just a fun game.

It offers a potential pathway to improved mental health, stronger cognitive function, and deeper social connections for older adults.

So, grab a paddle and get ready to serve up some well-being!