Cholera Outbreak in Hamanskraal: ANC Holds DA Responsible

Cholera Outbreak in Hamanskraal: ANC Holds DA Responsible

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

The African National Congress (ANC) has attributed the cholera outbreak in Hamanskraal, City of Tshwane, to the coalition led by the Democratic Alliance (DA).


So far, the disease has claimed the lives of at least 15 individuals.

ANC Criticizes DA for Lack of Accountability

Expressing disappointment with the DA’s response, the ANC accused them of inadequate cooperation.

Instead of joining forces with the provincial and national government to address the tragedy, the DA has resorted to their usual defensive tactics, shifting blame and pointing fingers without taking responsibility.

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The ANC called on the DA to acknowledge their failure in providing safe drinking water and to commit to resolving the issue.

Negative Cholera Test Results for Hamanskraal Water

The City of Tshwane has reported that water sampling tests conducted at various locations in Temba and Hammanskraal have returned negative results for cholera.

The municipality conducted tests at multiple sites, including reservoirs, fire hydrants, primary schools, clinics, and other places that receive water from the Temba Treatment Plant.

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However, despite the negative test results, the municipality emphasized that the water is not necessarily safe for consumption, as it undergoes heavy chlorine treatment.

Ongoing Efforts to Address Cholera Outbreak

While the cholera outbreak in Hamanskraal has tested negative in water samples, authorities continue to monitor the situation and take necessary measures.

The focus remains on preventing further outbreaks and ensuring the provision of clean and safe drinking water to the affected communities.

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These developments come amid concerns over the potential for a larger cholera outbreak in Gauteng’s townships, highlighting the ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of the disease in the region.

The ANC’s statement and the negative test results provide updates on the cholera outbreak in Hamanskraal and shed light on the actions being taken by various stakeholders to address the situation.


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