Charly Boy Slams President Tinubu’s Arrogance and Distraction Tactics, Predicts Trouble Ahead

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Veteran Nigerian singer and activist, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, expressed his opinion on Tuesday, stating that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s arrogance will eventually lead him into trouble.


Charly Boy took to his Twitter page to share his surprise at the praise some Nigerians have been giving Tinubu after just a few days in office as Nigeria’s President.

According to Charly Boy, Tinubu’s current actions are aimed at buying public opinion and acceptance from what he refers to as “Mumu” Nigerians, all while distracting them from his administration’s true objectives.

Tinubu’s Limited Control and Charly Boy’s Warning

Charly Boy emphasized that Tinubu cannot exercise the same level of control over the country as he did when he was the governor of Lagos.

While many may applaud Tinubu’s achievements in Lagos, Charly Boy warns that his attempts to replicate such control nationwide will not succeed.

Charly Boy believes that Tinubu’s perceived arrogance and reckless behavior will eventually lead him into trouble.

Manipulative Moves and Public Opinion

In Charly Boy’s view, the strategies employed by Tinubu’s administration are merely attempts to manipulate public opinion and gain acceptance.


Charly Boy asserts that these “419 moves,” referring to fraudulent schemes, are designed to distract the Nigerian people from the administration’s true intentions while creating a positive public image.

He urges people not to be deceived by Tinubu’s tactics, emphasizing that he has spoken out and exposed the true nature of these actions.

The Presidency’s Perspective on Tinubu

In contrast to Charly Boy’s criticism, the Presidency has offered a different perspective on President Tinubu.

The Special Adviser to the President on Communication, Strategy, and Special Duties, Dele Alake, recently shared that Tinubu has been working tirelessly to fulfill the campaign promises made to Nigerians.

Alake mentioned that since assuming office on May 29, Tinubu has been dedicating between 18 to 20 hours each day to his presidential duties, demonstrating a strong work ethic reminiscent of his time as the Governor of Lagos State.

Positive Reception and Prompt Cabinet Formation

Alake further stated that President Tinubu has garnered praise from Nigerians on social media for the significant actions taken within the first three weeks of his administration.

Alake drew attention to Tinubu’s efficiency in forming a competent team to work with him in the government, stating that it did not take him more than three weeks to assemble his cabinet as governor.

Alake argued that a month should be sufficient time for any serious government to form its cabinet and establish a functional government structure after the inauguration.


Alake’s Position on Cabinet Formation Timeline

Alake reiterated his belief that waiting for 60 days to form a cabinet is excessive, emphasizing that Tinubu’s past experience supports a faster timeline.

Citing Tinubu’s prompt cabinet formation as governor, Alake contended that two months is too long for him to accomplish the same task as President.

He emphasized that a month is a reasonable duration for a serious government to establish its cabinet and structure of governance following the swearing-in ceremony.


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