Charlie Sheen’s Neighbor Arrested After Altercation: Attempted Choking and Home Invasion

Altercation at Charlie Sheen’s Home Leads to Neighbor’s Arrest

Charlie Sheen, the star of ‘Two and a Half Men,’ faced an unsettling encounter with his neighbor resulting in her arrest for an attempted choking incident at his LA home.

Reports confirm the woman forcibly entered his Malibu residence, leading to a physical altercation where Sheen’s shirt was torn.

Police Response and Subsequent Allegations

Law enforcement confirmed the neighbor, identified as Schrock, was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and burglary following the altercation.

The dispute began around 1 pm when the woman unexpectedly burst into Sheen’s home, prompting the actor to call 911. Though the police and paramedics arrived, Sheen did not require hospitalization.

Previous Issues and Post-Incident Agreement

This isn’t the first conflict Sheen encountered with the same neighbor. Sheen reported prior incidents, including the woman dumping garbage at his door and allegedly spraying a ‘sticky liquid’ on his car.

However, the two seemingly settled their differences before the recent alleged home invasion incident.

Sheen’s Residence and Current Situation

Previously, Sheen’s living arrangements seemed uncertain, having moved into a $16,350 per month rental in Malibu last year.

The property, offering picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, was his residence; however, recent indications suggest he might no longer be residing there as the property is reportedly back up for rent.

Seeking Comments and Further Developments

Efforts to reach out to Sheen’s representatives for comments regarding the incident were made. The situation between Sheen and his neighbor, leading to her arrest, sheds light on a series of escalating disputes between the two parties

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