Charlie Sheen’s Neighbor Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charge, Alarming Revelations in Court

Actor Allegedly Assaulted:

Electra Schrock, previously known as Electra Poag and Charlie Sheen’s neighbor, has entered a plea of not guilty in response to charges of assaulting the actor.

She stands accused of ‘felony assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury’ following an incident where Sheen was reportedly strangled at his rented Malibu apartment.

Legal Proceedings Unfold:

Initially faced with a charge of ‘assault with a deadly weapon with force,’ Schrock, 47, faced the court’s nine-minute arraignment hearing at the Van Nuys Superior Courthouse.

She remains in custody with a bail set at $75,000 as Judge John Reid approved a criminal protective order upon prosecutors’ request.

Allegations and Responses:

During the hearing, Schrock’s public defender highlighted her two prior misdemeanor convictions, emphasizing that the incident appeared closer to misdemeanor battery.

He mentioned the absence of substantial injuries, asserting the victim’s fine condition after examination by a medical professional.

However, the prosecutor countered, indicating Sheen’s fearfulness post-incident and minor physical injuries sustained during the tussle.

Disturbing Background Details:

Revelations in court unveiled a pending elder abuse case against Schrock, stemming from a previous charge of ‘Elder/Dependent Adult Cruelty.’

The prosecutor raised concerns, stating Schrock was under diversion for the elder abuse charge at the time of the recent offense, indicating a potential danger she might pose.

Defense and Witness Statements:

While Schrock’s defense maintained her peaceful nature and involvement in children’s charities, a close friend suggested she was being framed, emphasizing her peaceful Buddhist beliefs.

The case advances to a preliminary hearing scheduled for January 8, unveiling a high-profile community where celebrities like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and others reside.

Context and Background:

Charlie Sheen, known for his prominent TV roles, currently rents a Malibu condo, having sold his properties in the Mulholland Estates.

His legal battle with a neighbor adds a dramatic layer to this coastal enclave where high-profile personalities own lavish ocean-front homes or gated mansions.


As the case unfolds, the legal clash between Sheen and his neighbor sheds light on a disturbing incident, amplifying concerns regarding Schrock’s prior legal involvement and the implications for her current charges.

The hearing ahead is poised to reveal more about this high-profile altercation, unfolding within the backdrop of a star-studded neighborhood.

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