Charity Choices Ignite Debate – From Archewell’s Plunge to Established Foundations’ Power

Personal Foundations: A Double-Edged Sword for Royals

Royals and Charity: The Pitfalls of Personal Foundations

Richard Eden, in his Palace Confidential newsletter, takes aim at the trend of royals setting up their own charities.

He argues that while well-intentioned, such ventures come with risks of criticism and potential association with dubious donors.

He suggests royals should follow the Queen and Princess Anne’s model of supporting established charities instead.

Archewell’s Donations Plunge and James Holt’s Hefty Pay Packet

Archewell Foundation, founded by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has come under scrutiny for a significant drop in donations, from $13 million in 2021 to $2 million in 2022.

Despite this, Executive Director James Holt received a substantial salary and bonus.

Eden highlights this as an example of misplaced priorities and potential criticism.

Comparison to Other Royals: The Established vs. the New

Eden contrasts the Sussexes’ approach with established foundations like Prince Charles’s The King’s Foundation and Prince William and Kate’s Royal Foundation.

He acknowledges their positive impact but suggests they too are susceptible to criticism due to their association with the royal family.

A Battle of Videos: Promoting Charity Work Amid Controversy

He further criticizes the timing of the Sussexes’ video showcasing their charitable work, released shortly after a similar video from the Prince and Princess of Wales.

While both aim to highlight positive initiatives, the timing raises questions about potential PR strategies in the face of criticism.

Transparency and Criticism: The Cost of Private Foundations

Eden emphasizes the importance of transparency for royal charities, highlighting Archewell’s lack of disclosure about its financial reserves despite the significant drop in donations.

He argues that such lack of openness fuels criticism and potential concerns about the foundation’s stability and purpose.

Conclusion: A Call for Collaboration over Competition

Eden concludes by urging royals to prioritize collaboration with existing charities rather than pursuing individual ventures.

He believes this approach avoids potential controversies and achieves greater impact with less risk of criticism or association with questionable donors.

While acknowledging the appeal of personal foundations for boosting royal egos, he emphasizes the long-term benefits of supporting established organizations.

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